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Memories Awash from Past

by Prateek Joshi
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Memories awash from past, wearing chains that deaden the nerves. This is again, a fool’s paradise. I swim to swat my labyrinthine square. I never had the feeling that night’s end might be the last departure to leave behind a magenta sky. Forlorn, I must walk away from heritage as a heresy. I choose the road that mixes flame and figments of the imagination to outdo the flush of satire. Never do I detail my ignorance as such when I tell the truth, and in the sapphire gardens, I roll away laughing at my choice.

twice the lightning struck
to banish
poisons of life
an older man on a moonlit night
at the brothel —
lights suddenly die
a magenta bird
of yesteryear’s dreams
paces in the garden
though meaning
is magnetic
the sky is electric
the women
with their silver words
quench dry throats
the vortex of time
is loud with whispers
from the other side
at the liquor store —
eyes pause
near a kingfisher
has the sun has left you?
the evening calls
it is autumn

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