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Made in India – Get Squeaky Clean Hands With 10 Liquid Hand Wash Brands By Indian Companies

by Shruti
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Made in India Liquid Hand Wash Brands

It became evident in 2020 that handwashing and hygiene is utmost priority to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 Virus. While we’ve been washing hands more frequently than ever, we also need to shift our focus on handwashes we’ve been using. The popular brands occupying the market and our minds may not be from Indian companies even though we’ve probably been using them since childhood. So, let’s look at some popular liquid handwashes manufactured by Indian companies which are equally competent and let’s make the switch on our next purchase!


Himalaya Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

Himalaya has been around for 90 years and their Ayurveda based products are currently popular in more than 100 countries. The company has a strong hold in the Indian market and their hand sanitizers were in high demand as the pandemic spread through the nation. Their product, Pure Hands Tulsi Purifying Hand Wash is worth every rupee as it comes with an important medicinal herb as its key ingredient and is gentle on your hands.


Godrej Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

Godrej Protekt Hand Washes are a must have amidst the pandemic season as they’re pretty effective and efficient in their cleaning. The masterchef’s handwash in particular is great to keep near the kitchen basin making it easy for washing hands before and after cooking or cleaning. The company is one of the most trusted brands of the country be it furniture or consumer products.


Cinthol Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

Yet another brilliant brand by Godrej, Cinthol is a popular brand for men’s grooming products and they’ve also got a personal care product for your family – Cinthol Health+ Handwash. It comes in a stylish black dispenser and is not only great for protecting you from germs but also leaves your hands feeling soft and smelling great.


Savlon Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

The homegrown antiseptic brand Savlon comes under ITC and makes a range of handwashes to keep your hands protected and moisturized. Their Deep Clean and Moisture Shield variants are both great and they’ve also got pen sanitizers to clip onto your bag making it convenient to use. In fact, they have a range of products that kills germs and are perfect for frequent use – surface disinfectant spray, cleaner liquid, germ protection wipes.


Santoor Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

A brand synonymous with an empowered woman, Santoor has been popular for its soaps that claim to give a radiant glow. This brand falls under the multinational company Wipro and even makes a handwash with the goodness of sandalwood and tulsi. Gentle on hands and friendly on the pocket, this is an Indian brand you must try.

Rustic Art

Vaadi Herbals Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

Made with natural and organic ingredients, Orange Neem Hand Wash by Rustic Art is a product you’d surely enjoy. It needs less water to rinse off and is free of triclosan, sulphates and preservatives making it great for kids as well. They’ve got a whole range of skin and hair products made with organic ingredients which you can try out!

Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

We absolutely love the range of hand washes by Vaadi Herbals as they’re made of earth and plant-based ingredients. Plus, they come in amazing variants like blueberry & grapefruit, neem oil & ginger, lemongrass & shea butter, aloe vera & jojoba oil and many more. Along with being Indian at heart, the company completely refrains from animal testing and picks organic ingredients for all their products.


Fem Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

A product by none other than Dabur India, Fem Soft Handz Hand Wash Sensitive cleans your hands gently and even hydrates it with its moisturizing formula of glycerin and vanilla. Easily available on online retail stores, the product has coconut milk-based variants like saffron & blossom, olive oil & peach, and lemon & glycerin.


Fiama Indian Liquid Hand Wash Brands

Known for its shower gels and body wash, Fiama also makes vibrant looking and sweet-smelling hand washes. With peppy fragrances of peppermint & green apple, lavender &ylangylang, grapefruit & bergamot, handwashing was never this fun. Fiama comes under ITC and we all know the plethora of brands it holds, the quality it maintains and the trustworthiness that comes along with the name.

Mysore Sandal Soap

Mysore Sandal Soap Indian Liquid Hand Wash BrandsMysore Sandal Soap is a Karnataka-based brand known for its big round soap cakes enriched with pure sandalwood oil. For all those who have known, used or trusted this brand would know they also make handwashes in myriad of fragrances – strawberry, mango, chocolate, rose, pineapple and herbal. Enjoy these amazing products from a brand which dates back to more than 100 years.


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