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Made in India – 10 Homegrown Ready-To-Eat Brands That Will Make You Drool Right Away

by Grishma Indap
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We all love food, it’s a fundamental need of human beings!  Due to modern life and hectic schedule, we tend to eat outside from restaurants or eatery shops. People who work full time or leave away from their parents have no time for making traditional food as it requires time and energy. Plus, after cooking meals it is necessary to clean up everything. That’s when Ready-to-eat food comes for an escape. You get RTE in a variety of tastes and flavours. These foods have made people’s life easier. RTE was initially only consumed by defence people, disaster victims, trekkers, travelers or hikers. But now, they’ve become popular among busy people like us.

If I only talk about Indian Ready-to-eat brands, you’ll find a plethora of cuisines. Want to make Gulab Jamun? Here you go, make it with Ready to eat Gulab Jamun instant mix. If you want to make Masala Dosa, you save time by using cut and peeled vegetables. With RTE people are not only showing off their culinary skills but also helping Indian startups who present out of the box menu. According to data research, the breakfast mixes market alone is growing more than 20% in India.

In addition to a busy lifestyle, lockdown made us settle into some kind of routine and turn our attention to what we are eating. We all were bored with daily domestic cooking and we were not able to go out to dine in at the restaurants. Also, ordering food wasn’t an option. Thus, many Indians stocked up their refrigerator with frozen parathas, kebabs, breakfast mix, butter chicken mix or instant dessert mix. As all we had to do was heat and eat.

Ready to Eat by homegrown brands are far better than foreign brands because Indian brands have never-ending menus and good quality products. And, of course, we can’t just rely on instant noodles!

To our love of ready to eat food as responsible Indians we must only add Indian ready-to-eat products in our shopping cart. By supporting homegrown brands we are also supporting our Indian economy in these difficult times.

Here’s a list of homegrown Ready-to-Eat brands that bring home restaurants and missing Ghar ka khana.

1. MTR

MTR - Made in India RTE Brand

MTR brings quality, authentic and tasty cuisines to every home. Their tradition of food began in 1924 with a restaurant by the Maiya family in Bangalore. They supplemented its business by creating instant mixes and masalas. Their RTE includes all over India recipes Paneer Tikka to Rasogolla to Rava Dosa to Pongal, the list is indeed never-ending.

2. Kuppies

Kuppies - Made in India RTE Brand

From 5 cakes per month to 2,80,000 cakes per month, Kuppies produce authentic western ready-to-eat food to Indian consumers. They believe in delivering unique recipes with quality ingredients that are fresh and affordable. From heat to eat pan pizzas to garlic bread to molten lava cake to lemon cake, you get everything you ask for.

3. Gits

Gits - Made in India RTE Brand

Launched in 1963 by two journalists, Gits pioneered the RTE meal by bringing the first company to introduce instant mixes in India. Starting with soup, they not only make idli, dosa or gulab jamun mixes but also meal combos like jeera rice dal tadka, Punjabi chole, pav bhaji and variety of curries and pulao.

4. Prasuma

Prasuma - Made in India RTE Brand

Founded in 1985, Prasuma specializes in deli products and gourmet cold meats. They are well-known for family sharing old-age authentic Himalayan momo recipes. Their RTE menu is full of momos- Original, spicy, pork and vegetable momos. The RTE momos are very thin, preservative-free and juicy, which gets completed with dipping sauce.

5. ITC Kitchen of India

ITC Kitchen of India - Made in India RTE Brand

Launched in 2001, the ITC kitchen of India offers standout dishes from their best restaurants crafted by ITC master chefs. Their RTE menu includes daily treats like Paneer Makhani, Hyderabadi biryani, butter chicken as well as royal cuisines like Nawabi Kaju halwa and Yakhni pulao.

6. Vadilal group

Vadilal group - Made in India RTE Brand

Along with a drool-worthy ice-cream menu, they also aim to spread happiness with an enormous menu of quick treats from a host of curries like Palak Paneer. Dal makhani, Undhiyu to Dhokla khiru, Dosa kiru and Khaman khiru.

7. Nilon’s

Nilon’s - Made in India RTE Brand

Founded in 1962, Nilon’s is one of India’s fastest growing processed food companies with an extensive range of products by keeping the quality consistent for ages. They offer RTE mix from Chicken Jalfrezi to  Mutton curry to Kashmiri Dum Aloo to Jalebi mix, the list goes on and on.

8. Gadre

Gadre - Made in India RTE Brand

The 3rd largest Surimi manufacturers in the world, Gadre is well-known in processed and packaged frozen marine products cut n clean raw fish and RTE cooked fish. Some of their products are crab sticks, masala prawns, masala mackerel, Mexican fish salami, seafood platter and fish seekh kebab, it’s never-ending seafood menu.

9. Sumeru

Sumeru - Made in India RTE Brand

Sumeru manufactures quality RTE vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood. They are also specialized in flavoured parathas like methi, jerra, onion and Malabar. Their RTE snacks include vegetable samosa, peri-peri fries, spring roll, fish and chips, chicken cocktail sausages and a burger patty.

10. Meatzza

Meatzza - Made in India RTE Brand

Meatzza is a non-vegetarian food provider to flight kitchens, hotels, restaurants and households. Meatzza brings a complete range of premium meat products with authentic Indian and International range. Their range includes English breakfast to desi meals to snackers. Their menu easily covers your every craving!

There are more Made in India RTE brands in the market to establish a consumer base with other well-known brands. Brands like Venky’s, Kohinoor, Priya, Yummiez, Haldiram, Fresh to Home and Licious that offer lip-smackingly tasty and quality foods with a wide range of cuisines. These brands are already upping the Ready-to-eat business by always sticking with you when you are rushing to work, treating guests or simply in the mood for self-love indulgence.

Try these amazing homegrown Ready-to-eat and thank us later!

If you know any more Indian RTE  brands and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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