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Lockdown romance: How couples are keeping the romance alive!

by Grishma Indap
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Lockdown romance: How couples are keeping the romance alive!

All the things lockdown has done to us, it has also changed the mechanism of romance for couples. Newly dating couples are having a long-distance relationship, longtime live-in and married couples are spending more time together than ever after. For couples staying together, spending a life together is not the same as spending every minute with each other, whereas couples who are separated geographically are finding ways to be in touch and spice up things in their relationship. 

So, out of curiosity, we checked with some couples (like long-distance, live-in, and married)  how lockdown has affected their romantic life so far. 

Long-distance and Lockdown 

The couple who live just 6km away from each other, are not able to see or meet, is more frustrating. Video calls, messaging, sharing sexy pictures, regular calls, or sexy talks are helping to keep the flame burning. 

But, with downfall, they can’t rely on each other during their low times and there is an absence of physical touch. However, they have made a compiled sex bucket list to do once the lockdown is over, which is helping them to maintain the spark. 

Sexy, right? 

Well, the distance has proved to increase the love because they’ve decided to fight less and focus on self-love and self-care during such difficult times, which certainly bought them emotionally closer. 

For long-distance love birds, it has somehow reinforced how much they love each other and how lockdown is making them ready for future long-distance phases. 

Live-in couple and Lockdown 

Lockdown is kinda forcing this couple to do everything together 24/7. It’s definitely too much to handle, which tends to lose excitement for each other. So, they try to maintain physical boundaries like working in different rooms and investing in ‘me time’. They schedule romantic date nights, like watching a movie, dressing up, on the balcony with a glass of wine, twice a week. Since they have a lot of time together, they try role-plays, cooking together, assuming characters, and have sex in an unusual part of the apartment by trying different sex positions. 

For live-in love birds, it’s nice how they find ways to tease each other to get in the mood and embrace the time together. 

A married couple with kids and Lockdown 

Lockdown has taken a huge toll on this married couple romance. The only ‘adult time’ they can have is when their kids have gone to sleep. Their romance is all about helping each other with household chores, playtime with kids and home cinema to watch with kids. Even though they feel too tired to engage in intercourse, they give each other sexy backrubs, cuddles and kisses while playing some sexy playlist curated for a sexy mood. 

For married love-birds with kids, they’re adding up to make everlasting memories by treasuring every moment. 

A married couple in Joint family and Lockdown

Both are working from home, they’ve been living in a joint family since forever. Initially, it was going great but irritation between them started increasing day by day because of disturbance and interference by other family members. Eventually, they started having mental breakdowns and started missing quality and romantic time together. So, they started taking breaks between work, gave each other some space and gave fun delights between work hours in the bedroom. The occasional after time quickie, scheduling sexy dates in the night and texting each other when other family members are around them are spicing up things between us. 

For married couples living in a joint family, they somehow tried to strengthen bonds in spite of a lot of differences. 

Hence, you can see it’s indeed a roller-coaster romance ride between couples in lockdown. 

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