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Lockdown – A Blessing In Disguise!

by AG
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Lockdown blessing in Disguise

You know, we always grumble that our 9-to-5 jobs have taken away our social and family life. There’s so much on our to-do list but the time we have in our hands to complete them is way too less. Growing up in an Indian household has always made us focus on our studies more than the extra-curricular activities. So, at some point or the other, we had to give up on our hobbies of singing, dancing, learning an instrument, painting, sketching, etc. No matter how much we love exploring the world, we will never take a chance to quit our jobs and travel. That’s what adulthood does to us!

But the current situation of the lockdown has been more like a blessing in disguise as the time we have been craving for throughout our adulthood phase, we have a handful of it now. Time to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. Even though some have kids at home to take care of, some have to work from home to complete their professional commitments, some have household chores to finish up; but even then, we have a lot of time to pursue what we had always wanted to. Or at least give it a try as a hobby. Lockdown is a perfect opportunity to explore new skills and pursue the hobbies that we’ve always wanted to do.

Do your feet instantly start tapping when music plays on TV? It’s time to rearrange the furniture in your room and make space to flow your creativity.

Let me begin with saying, ‘better late than never’! I love dancing and I love Bollywood. During my free time in the lockdown, I had combined my love for these two and trust me, the outcome is what really makes me happy. With so many days locked in my home, it had started taking a toll on me emotionally, and hence, it was high time to do something interesting before losing my mind completely. There are plenty of options online to learn from, be it YouTube or any renowned platforms like Dance With Madhuri. Now, even though I can relate to songs, ‘Okay, I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored’ and ‘I think I’m losing my mind’ that are trending on TikTok, I’m dancing to its tunes to make it fruitful and entertaining for myself. Dancing is not my only motive to pursue my hobby during the lockdown, but it also works as a fitness routine. As Shilpa Shetty Kundra has said, ‘Swasth Raho, Mast Raho’, dancing helps me stay fit as I do a Zumba routine from YouTube which helps in burning calories.

Now, who would want the lockdown fitness memes to come true and not fit in the summer clothes that you had shopped before things went downhill? Not you, right? So, tell us how you are spending your quarantine!


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