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Lifestyle Changes To Ease Mental Health

by AG
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Ease mental health

Our whole life, we have been taught, “Life Is A Race, If You Don’t Run Fast, You Will Be Like A Broken Anda.” But sometimes, a Rancho comes in our lives and teaches us, “Success Ke Peeche Mat Bhaago, Excellence Ka Peecha Karo, Success Jhak Maarke Tumhare Peeche Aayegi.” Since childhood, we dream of attaining success, earning money, living a comfortable life, and having our family by our side. But over the years, we forget that having a comfortable personal life is as important as the professional front. Running in the rat race and not achieving what we had planned in life often wrecks with our mind and that is where mental health comes as a consequence. But it is not always our professional life that intensifies mental health, personal issues too, can take a disastrous effect on one’s mind.

In the world we live in, we will mostly find the fake smiling faces and not the genuine happy ones. Every person has a different story, a different journey, and a different set of problems they have to deal with in life. In the race or desire to achieve success, earn money, excel in our job, attaining the luxuries; we often forget what our mind has been dealing with. We keep boasting about the success in professional life and comfort on the personal front but ignore our mental health amidst the race of life.

Our expert of the week, Dr. Lovepreet Kaur, Naturopathy and Yoga physician, helps her readers with some tips on dealing with mental health. If you think Yoga only helps in improving flexibility and strength, then you’re wrong! Yoga also has immense benefits on helping you deal with mental health, provides relief in stress and anxiety, and aids depression and insomnia. As per Yoga therapy, the cause of every disease is Psychosomatic, which means it is aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress. With technology and money we have achieved a comfortable and convenient life, but what we miss is inner peace and joy. We find joy in materialistic things and are so dependent on others to make us happy that we forget that happiness is a gift that you’ll have to give to yourself. While everything is temporary in life, YOU are the only permanent. If you’re lonely or bored, then you have to figure out ways to get rid of it and seek enjoyment. If you’re depressed or sad, then resort to things that make you really happy.

The ones practicing Yoga can vouch for it being a great stress reliever which also eases anxiety and insomnia. It helps you shift the focus from your body to how you breathe and you’ll feel the release of physical tension. Despite our busy lives and hectic work schedules, we can give some time in a day to maintain our physical and mental health, which are both equally important. Yoga teaches you the importance of mind and soul. If your mind is in your control, then it is the best companion you can ever have. But the problem arises when your mind gets against you and makes your life miserable. It is natural to feel unsettled and low some times, but not letting it take over you is the only way out. Seek help if required.

Here are a few tips for you to follow to deal with mental health:

  • Spending some ‘me’ time is very important and beneficial. Expressing your thoughts and feelings to yourself will make you aware of what’s going on in your mind.
  • It is rightly said that happiness increases and sadness reduce when shared with someone. We are so busy in your lives that we forget where our real happiness lies! Spend some quality time with your family, genuine friends, and loved ones. If you don’t like socializing then only have a few, who are close to you but do take out some time for them. Share your problems or what’s bothering you with them, and you’ll feel a little relieved.
  • Meditate. The mantra of every meditation lover – Breathe, chant, breathe, repeat. Over the years, meditation has become increasingly popular and not because it sounds ‘cool’ but for the real benefits, one gain from meditating. It is not actually about concentration but relaxation. It calms and relaxes your state of mind and body. Take out some time in your everyday routine, meditate, and let the thoughts flow, don’t try to control them to be positive or negative, but just let them flow. It will help your anxious mind and attain tranquillity.
  • Inhale. Exhale. Even if you’re busy throughout the day, no matter if you’re sitting or standing or lying on your bed, focus your attention on the way you breathe. Regular focus on your breathing can actually help you in difficult situations.
  • Begin your day with a walk, even if it’s around the neighborhood or a part of your commute to work, and you’ll see you energetic you’ll feel throughout the day. The fresh morning air will help you with positivity and peace. And the other health benefits are just like a cherry on the top of the cake. This lifestyle change can help you in ways you had never thought of.

Just give a start to change your daily lifestyle, a little push and you will eventually feel remarkable changes within yourself. If you have any questions related to the Yoga therapy or any issue you would like to share, mail us on contactus@myblogus.com or join #MyBlogUs community.

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1 comment

Sudhir Agarwal July 7, 2020 - 12:26 am

Excellent blog Dr.Lovereet ji,
It reminds us what our daily routine should.
Keep it up and best of luck for your future endeavors ?


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