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Life and Covid-19 A Pandemic Situation

by Priya Pathak
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We all are into a weird situation right now maybe everyone has something or other going in mind but the purpose of addressing is important!

We should try and help by donations or even basic essentials of food to someone needy if possible even if its a security guard of your house it works!

They come with no proper tiffins to food facilities risking their lives to give security to your buildings and complex.

We need to respect them for taking care of us even in this worst situation.

The current Pandemic is the darkness everyone is facing.

Let’s be honest about the situation by just checking the number of increasing cases on television, Not being able to go anywhere complaining about how this again becomes a Religion conflict. And just giving opinions who no one actually listens to expect for social media.

It’s only frustration and need for freedom inside.

Empty roads with even dim lights with no shops open after 8:30pm.

Only medical shops and Police around and the unforgettable Doctors and Nurses serve 24/7 without thinking about their lives.

Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

In today’s world where hardly people happen to show kindness or live the concept of unconditional love, these Caretakers prove to be the ideals of that unconditional support! We can’t forget our security services and housekeeping who makes sure the environment is clean!

It seems like the people around the growing world around everything is on a pause.

Here where privileged people can stay home eat good healthy food or have choices to select and on the other side people away from home or take refugees under bridges with no proper facilities to eat or survive.

Rushing at railway station just so that they can go back home!

This pandemic is teaching us the importance of normal life, meeting people, having coffee at a coffee shop, expressing what you feel because you never know what the situation will be and where it takes us around.

Where people couldn’t spend time at home now have been at home for a month or more. Spending time with their loved once and creating memories for life.

Social Distancing

The situation is mentally tough because it may push anybody to feel sleep-deprived, depressed, even increase their anxiety.

But staying strong and staying at home is the only solution to break the chain!

Instead of worrying or getting depressed about the situation we all need to change our perspectives towards things around us and try to find happiness in little things around us!

Giving importance to morning tea with pretty sunrises which we don’t look at every day, some meditation, doing what you love for instance cooking by that opportunity you can even give a break to all the mothers in the kitchen every day and make them happy, beautiful sunsets with coffee, conversations on call to your loved ones, the beauty of nature around us, the shining stars with the moon have a magical variation every day!

We should try things which we don’t do or don’t get “Time” to do in everyday life. We should these little beautiful things memorable and live all the moments of life. As they teach us something or the other always!!!

It will take a while to get the world to a normal state.

But that’s how we are supposed to fight and win over the situation of Covid-19.

The urge of when all of this ends and people can meet their loved ones who are apart, friends and family around is unbelievable! Hugs are going to be an important part of our lives today.

‘One day it will be smiling for a smile and heart for a heart!’

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