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Learning to Embrace My Writings

by Danielle Jack
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writing as thinking
I can definitely say that writing and poetry has always been an interest of mine.
The ways in which I write have definitely changed over the years; mostly in high school when I began dealing with some heavier topics. I desired something to help me channel all my feelings when I felt there was nowhere to go with them. And because of this urge, I began writing.

I grabbed a notebook and a pen and just started writing down whatever went through my head. It ranged from small messages to larger poems, and over time my passion for writing grew. At first, I was very skeptical about my writings and who saw them, because I didn’t want to be judged. However, I eventually learned to love them and take pride in it. They are a part of me, and it’s something I love doing.
I got feedback from a few close friends and then decided to start an Instagram account where I posted whatever I wrote. For me, it has never been about fame or popularity. Instead, I just like having a platform where I can express myself and where others can read what I write and maybe enjoy it too. Here’s one of my favorite pieces:
I know you feel like giving up
I know life’s been tough
I promise you’ll pull through
if you try enough
hours go by,
often days
you cannot seem to remember
how you got this way
was it the look in the mirror?
or constant nights of crying?\
maybe hiding all your pain
even though you feel like dying
“you’ll be okay,” everybody says
how can they be so sure?
you only know one thing for fact;
you can’t take it anymore
so there you stand all alone
feeling yourself slip away
no one comes to rescue you
but you had so much left to say…
But anyway, that’s my story and a taste of what I write. As of right now, I’m happy where I am. My goal for the future is to get my writings out into the world for more people to see. And if I have any advice, it’s to always continue doing what you’re passionate about and never stop working towards your goals.

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