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I was Tested COVID-19 Positive, This is how it changed my Perspective Towards Life!

by Anonymous
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Ever since the pandemic outbreak, everything started getting upside down for everyone. But, things changed dramatically when I was tested positive. Yes, you heard it right! I’m someone who was very conscious about cleanliness, hygiene and health. I always tried to remind my family and friends to be extra careful since the Coronavirus outbreak first happened in China. I remember how many times I’d argue with people around me about the worst spread of the dangerous virus and how it attacks the person who has a weak immune system. I forced my family to wear masks whenever they went out and washed their hands 20 times in a day, even when less people gave a damn about the virus.

Things went out of control when the number of cases increased drastically and hospitals started getting overloaded. People started panic shopping at the grocery stores to stock up the supplies. I was lucky enough to have enough sanitizer and mask for my family since I already anticipated the situation. I thought I don’t have anything to worry about. We were safe. However, you have to expect the unexpected. My mother in law  was very casual about the situation and didn’t wear a mask while going out. She directly interacted with the people, and she used to always say this is all fake – there’s no corona.
After 16 days of national lockdown- I suddenly felt feverish and had a sore throat, I did doubt if I was infected by the virus with corona but all the symptoms were so minor. I assumed it was just because of the Air Conditioner or a Common Flu. My mother in law and husband were asymptomatic. But, things started changing when my husband and mother in law got light headaches and sore throats like me. On the same day, I get a message from my society friend that my mother in law’s friend is tested positive. I was so confused, we isolated ourselves completely at home. Things started getting worse, when my mother in law’s temperature increased. I called the medical center but all I got was busy signals for hours and no ambulance available to take us. I called my friend who worked in quarantine centers. She said there are no more beds available and even if we get a bed we need to pay 75k for 2 days per person for just one bed. She advised me to stay home and isolate ourselves and not to go to the hospitals even if the symptoms got worse because the situation in hospitals was worse. There were less beds, less medicines, less staff and more positive patients. I asked them to take our test at least, luckily they were ready to get our tests. I and my mother in law were tested positive except my husband. I was home quarantined and they took my mother in law to the hospital because she is 67. I knew no one in this situation could help me.

The health workers were visiting us alternative days to give me medicine and sanitize our house. I only ate fruits, slept alone, used a different washroom, did all my chores alone and wasn’t able to touch my husband in spite of staying under one roof. We started facetiming each other. I stayed in the bedroom while he spent his whole day in the living room alone.  Within 5 days, I started feeling better and after 15 days I was tested negative. By God’s grace, my mother in law was sent home due to less beds in the quarantine center and also because she started feeling better after 23 days of quarantine. It has all become possible because of our strong immune system and sincerity towards our quarantine routine. Now, I’m totally fine and my family too.

During home quarantine, I realised that I’m fortunate enough to be alive and fortunately got recovered within 15 day. Things weren’t too bad for me and my family. I was able to afford a bed for my mother in law for 23 days. We were able to eat healthy food. We were able to stay with family safely. We have a job without any cut offs. Most importantly, we were ALIVE. Because,  there are so many more people around me more unfortunate than we are in the outbreak?
With my story I just want to say, be grateful for what you have right now!

What if, today was all we had?

Takecare, stay stafe!

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