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I quit social media for 15 days and here’s what happened

by Grishma Indap
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I quit social media for 15 days

A lot of millennials around the world spend more than 3 hours on their phone every day, especially their time spent on social media. Why am I talking about other people? Even I spend a lot of time on social media! And, here’s why I decided to go on a 15 days social media detox. 

Was I addicted? No. I love to see amazing folks around the world and what they’re up to. I love to have their updates. I love to laugh over some funny memes. But, there were no limitations. I was spending too much time. Every night, despite being too drowsy. I was scrolling and scrolling. Finally, I felt exhausted, then I thought to myself: This is crazy and why am I doing this? Still, I couldn’t stop! Then it got me thinking, what do I want from this? And what benefits could I receive from stepping away from social media? 

Do things that make you forget to check your phone


So, the first few days were challenging. Stepping away from Facebook and Twitter was easy but Instagram was not my cup of tea. I knew without taking measures, I would not stop myself to check Instagram throughout the day. I uninstalled the apps and logged out of all my accounts on the laptop. That wasn’t enough, like many people I had hardwired into my brain this compulsive checking habit. So, I started creating some distance. I committed to leaving my phone in the bedroom, while I was working in the living room. And it helped to feel less distracted and wasting time. Constant scrolling wasn’t the only reason to uninstall Instagram, sometimes it made me turn into comparison mode. By constantly seeing people, what they have and I don’t have, how much they travel and I’m sitting in front of the laptop, how they are motivated to work out and I’m here sitting on my couch scrolling. 

Have you ever given the excuse, “ I don’t have time to workout, think about my new startup, read, talk to my parents or sleep” We simply think we don’t have enough time or we’re not prioritizing our things? Maybe we need to start thinking, where am I spending most of my time? Social Media!  

Once you start identifying and prioritizing things in your life, the things you want to achieve will surely come into your plate. To achieve that, the major distraction for me was social media and I started getting rid of that. With an additional hour every day, I was able to be a productive person and in my free time, I started writing blogs, doing stretches, doing paintings or spending time with my family. 

There was this sense of clarity that when I step aside from my compulsive checking habit, it made things very easy for me, it made me feel better and stopped comparing myself to others. The urge of getting back on Instagram and Twitter is mostly fuelled by the fear of missing out. For some reason, we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s important and necessary. But once I started using social media again, I realized I wasn’t missing out on anything, and despite having my apps installed again, I wasn’t using it like before.

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