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Hydrate Yourself While Going VocalForLocal With These Indian Bottled Water Brands

by Shruti
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Bottled water is easily available in every small or large retail store and all public places but in a rush, we sometimes buy just about any brand without checking the label. Spare a few seconds to support #MakeInIndia movement by choosing the right product. Here are bottled water brands manufactured by Indian companies and we’re so proud to call them our own.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - Bisleri Water

The most trusted bottled water brand in India, so popular that asking for a Bisleri is synonymous to asking for bottled water. While the brand originated in Italy, the reigns were handed over to Parle Group In 1969 and since then it is a homegrown brand.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - Bailley Water

Parle Agro, the brand that gave us fun, refreshing drinks like Frooti and Appy Fizz is one of the largest Indian beverage company. This legendary brand also manufacturesBailley’s bottled water. Launched in 1993 Bailley’s is enriched with minerals and is easily available at any retail store near you.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - Himalayan Natural Mineral Water

A brand by Tata Consumer Products, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is bottled in Dhaula Kuan in Himachal Pradesh. The brand prides itself to be certified with Institut De Fresenius, Germany as the world leader in treatment of environmental pollution and production technology of natural mineral water.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - Qua Water

A brand launched by the Narang Group is usually found in luxurious properties and hotels in India. Qua has a sleek bottle filled with natural mineral water filled at the Himalayan foothills. Using a French bottling technique, the brand tries to keep the water pure without any harmful purification processes which may strip the water from its natural nutrients.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - Oxyrich Water

The brand famous for its pan masala, Manikchand also manufactures the bottled water Oxyrich. Boosted with 300 percent more oxygen, it is one of the most innovative Indian products and this entire process is a patented technology. It is also good to know that all their bottles are recyclable and so we can all hydrate ourselves guilt-free.

Rail Neer

Indian Bottled Water Brands - Rail Neer

We’re sure you’re one hundred percent familiar with this homegrown brand – Rail Neer. The brand is manufactured by none other than our very own IRCTC and the water has been replenishing hundreds of Indian passengers, one pet bottle at a time. So next time you’re travelling and sip on this water, feel atmanirbhar with each sip.

Tata Water Plus

Indian Bottled Water Brands - Tata Water Plus

Yet another magnificent brand by Tata Consumer Products, Tata Water Plus contains nutrients like copper and zinc. Both of these help with body functions and makes the immune system stronger respectively. Nourish yourself with every sip.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - Vedica natural mountain water

Under the leadership of Bisleri comes Vedica, bottled natural mountain water from the Himalayas. Loaded with natural nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphates and bicarbonates, this Himalayan water is taken from a natural spring in Uttarakhand.


Indian Bottled Water Brands - O’cean water

Taking the Indian market by storm, O’cean Beverages is an innovative brand by Narang Group, the ones that also make Qua. The brand revolutionized drinking water by adding just 12 percent of fruit juice to it, giving us a tasty reason to stay hydrated as well as absorb more nutrients.

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