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How To Shop Safely Amid COVID-19- Is It The Rise Of E-Commerce

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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We all have been struggling with new normal since th breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic. The flight of the epidemic has wholly changed the term of our living and brought the must use of few things without which our survival is not possible. Well, do you all remember heading to the grocery store or your favourite other brands to purchase anything you like? Now you really cannot do that way because of the pandemic. You have to take many safety measures so that you can protect yourself from getting infected. And we are here to help you by giving some of the easiest ways with the help of which you can protect yourself and shop nicely during the covid.

Also, the number of coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in India and as well as other countries. Recently some states have done the lockdown process to ensure the safety of the residents of their country, and soon maybe India will goo through the lockdown period again. We hope that such a situation should not come. But we need to be prepared for that too. Therefore, itis essential to keep yourself safe while purchasing anything r even when you go out for any work.

Has The Pandemic Elevated The E-commerce Market?

No doubt, the rise of the pandemic has accelerated the growth of digital and e-commerce market. People definitely would not prefer to go out and put their lives into the riks by purchasing the things. Instead, they would dimply order the items online and get them delivered at their doorstep.

These days, every country and the state government has also focused on a lot of proving such facilities to the residents so that there is significantly less need for people to come out of their houses. Well, there still might be some reason you need to move out, and we cannot tell even a light risk of 1 per cent by being reckless toward the pandemic.

Therefore, let’s check out some of the simple tips and safety measures you need to take while shopping amid Covid-19.


Despite the stay at home orders, there might still be some urgent need to take a trip of the grocery store or the mall to purchase your essentials. You may either want to buy something very critical or stock up the baby formula, or canned juice. It could be anything depending on the situation. Follow the tips mentioned below before and after you step out of your accordingly as described to ensure your safety.

  • Go online!

The first and the best tip to protect yourself from the virus is not to step ou of your home. Everything these days is available online. And even if it’s not trying to adjust with some substitute to decrease the need of that particular thing. This way, you will be at home and protect yourself and your family too.

  • Minimize the number of trips

Even if there is a need too, you have to go out and visit the grocery store, and mall makes sure you to bring everything at once. Use your trips wisely. As being careless with the spike, of a pandemic will not help you and will only ruin your life and your family. As every time you go out to any store, you enclose to outer space which is the final breeding place of the virus.

  • Wear a face mask and do not touch your face at all

As we said, when you are out of your place, you are exposed to the risk of getting infected with the virus. Therefore wearing your mask is essential that will help you to stay safe by blocking the airway between the outer air and hence you won’t be able to inhale the molecules and virus present in the outer ear. And therefore do not touch your face as you might already touching many things like different products racks, trollies, baskets etc.

  • Make sure the only person goes out for the shopping.

It is already a high risk takes to go out and purchase the essentials. Also, we know that things are not normal enough to take along our friends, kids or partner. Therefore, be wise and let only one person go out of the house and bring all the essentials required with safety. This will reduce the exposure in the store and an excellent way to maintain the rules of social distancing.

  • Don’t wear hand gloves to be more precautious.

People usually think that wearing gloves ensures them with higher safety levels. And that is true as well, but a the same time, people are not aware of how to dispose of them correctly to avoid cross-contamination and self-contamination that can happen very quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended t wash your hands before you go shopping and after you are done with shopping.

  • Limit the touching of multiple surfaces

We all have the habit of picking many products and check them, their details, features etc. Well, make sure you have a list of thing you need so that you get you hands on the stuff you need. Also, this way, you will not miss anything and will be able to get all the essentials at once. Limiting the touching of multiple surfaces reduces the exposure to the virus.

  • Shop quickly and be efficient

Now, that you know the things that you need and you also know what the safety measures you need to follow, quickly pick your stuff from different compartments and get the bill made are. Now, here’s the next step to protect yourself from the exposure, and that is to go cashless and pay through your phone. This is the most efficient and quick method to pay off the bill. This will also eliminate the need for giving notes or coins at the bill counter and yu again touching the other set of money which might be accumulated with the virus.

Final verdict

So here are the essential tips that you need to follow while shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the growth of the e-commerce market is gradually increasing, which helps in getting all the essentials and services at their doorstep. It so doesn’t matter whether the cases are increasing or decreasing your need to protect yourself, and you can only do that with the help of these safety tips. So, stay safe and have a happy shopping!.

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