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How Scary is Dark Web?

by Grishma Indap
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As we all know not everyone who has access to the dark web is criminal or doing something criminal. We normally are on a Public web that only contributes to around 10% of the whole web world, the rest of the space goes to Deep and Dark web. The Deep web is not indexed by any search engines that maintain Academic information, Legal documents, Scientific reports, Medical records, Government resources and then comes Dark Web that is not accessible by any normal Internet browser which consists of illegal information, TOR- encrypted sites, Private communications, Drug trafficking sites and Terror activities. Identities and locations on the Dark Web are kept secret through layered encryption.

But, the main question is should you go there?

For instance, if they are selling illegal products, of course, you’ll find authorities to keep an eye on such places, but you’ll also find things that are bone-chilling sinister that shouldn’t be seen by a normal human being. The Dark Web isn’t for the faint heart or weak stomach person, some of those are already in there never ever return. It’s a very dark and scary place if you’re planning to take a trip you better get ready to see disturbing things!

The Dark Web is an illegal trade venue for drugs, weapons, or other contrabands. But it is also a place where assassinations, political whistleblowers, pedophiles, and terrorist communications happen on forums openly. You can also find forums where regular Dark Web visitors are discussing depraved things. There It is also a place where hackers, hitmen, cannibals, terrorists, and criminals hang out. According to expert research, the most common content searched was child pornography, revenge porn, or animal porn. The most disturbing thing you’ll find is a cannibal cooking show (Cooking human beings) and human auctions.

You might experience something you might not ever be able to forget. Even if you want to visit the Dark Web and you don’t use the correct browser or your URL is visible or you don’t use the VPN it puts at the risk of being hacked or the worst imagine reading your name on the local newspaper that something goes along the lines, The 22 year Man caught downloading revenge porn on the dark web. Even if you were browsing just in sheer curiosity or to get knowledge. You will be completely liable for just browsing it, even if you went on the site innocently. Because of many times FBI and police access to Dark Web as an undercover. Many arrests were made in India itself by Mumbai Anti-Narcotics in 2017 when some boys ordered LSD from the Dark Web.

You can also accidentally download the files or click on the link and that is big is the biggest risk you would ever take, which can lead to the biggest mistake of your life. It’s not easy for a decentralized network. This network has spread across the world and protected by strong cryptography. However, the Dark Web started it’s here to stay which means you better have some serious protection against anyone who’s looking to exploit.

In Dark Web, many websites are devoted to death, destruction, and horrors that once you visit may never be the same. What if your curiosity made you regret entering this dirty pond?

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