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How quarantine helped me to enjoy little moments in life! “If you don’t live in the moment, where do you live?

by Grishma Indap
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Moments Of Life

It was the time when lockdown just started. I was standing at my tiny window in the morning, looking outside with my hot cup of black coffee, mind completely baffled over the lockdown chaos, and all of a sudden, I heard chirpings and as I looked down two little sparrows were enjoying their bath in the garden. I had to stop to take it in.

At that moment, I wanted to keep the bright color of trees, breeze, chirping sound, and the smell of coffee on my face. For instance, I choose to not worry about the chaos, rather hold on to the incredible and endless beauty from my
window itself. And, after a few days, I saw a white owl just sitting on a coconut tree outside my window for the first in my life, the feeling was marvelous! Hence, I accepted the reality of choosing the sense of enjoying little moments between my anxiousness. So, I started finding beauty and happiness – whether that’s pretty sunsets, observing clouds, mindful meditations, interesting phone conversations with friends, chirping sound of birds, blissful breeze, learning to
cook, silly laugh with family, decluttering a wardrobe and much more. Such beauty of little moments, however tiny or underrated it may be, is enough to make you feel warm and relax during these times.

It allowed me to find a treasure of moments, which were waiting to be found. Filled with awe, I thought about how crazy it is that I’ve spent most of my life either regretting or reminiscing about the past; or worrying about the money and future. We all have forgotten how to live in the moment. Whenever such beautiful moments come around me I allow myself to accept, feel the beauty, and realize how calm, blessed, happy, and healthy I am right now. My mind and body are tired, but finding ways to be strong. We’re fortunate enough to admire the incredible moments gifted around us. Our brains will try it all to feed our memories with past, present chaos, or imagined future. But, we can try our best to think of more wonderful moments to be present in than this one. Hold on to things that you love more! Stay home, act safely! Trust me, there are beautiful little moments around you keep looking out for them.

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