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How I Was Trapped in the Scary World of the Dark Web?

by Anonymous
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What is the Dark Web? The dark web also known as the deep web is World Wide Web content that exists on dark internet and it’s not visible on any search engines. If you want to access the dark web it requires different software and an anonymizing browser. You can simply access it from the comfort of your home. Less than 50% of whatever happens on the Dark Web is illegal.

It is legitimate but people use it for illegal purposes. It is like a secret world to buy and sell drugs or guns, kidnapping and auctioning, viewing child pornography, assassination videos by terrorists, private webchats, hidden Wikipedia, worldwide hackers just anything you could ever imagine.

It’s an infinite world of dark things!

Here’s my true creepy story of how getting inside the dark web was the biggest mistake of my life.

I was 23 years old and I was regular on web chats and chat rooms on the deep web because I was unemployed and there was nothing exciting to do. Before joining the Dark web I was always curious about internet stuff. Literally every day for almost 1 month I was surfing the internet for searching for jobs in the day time and before bed accessing the dark web.

How I joined this scary world? One night I came across a video where people were talking about it. I felt amused by how people were talking about such scary things. Finally, I’d decided to join and see what is it all about?

I came across one website where you can chat with people anonymously and I found it interesting. I always used to chat with this one boy all the time because we were like-minded and loved football. We used to send each other funny videos and there was nothing dark about it, everything seemed cool. But, in about 3 weeks everything changed. He was not coming online, I waited for him for like a week and decided I’ll talk to some other person.

I started talking to this anonymous girl late at night, it was about 2: am, we sent each other Hi and she switched on her webcam. She was a teenager, very pretty and staring at me playful through the webcam, but I’d no desire to turn my camera on. We started talking and suddenly she asked me to turn the camera on, which I wasn’t comfortable about. Then she started sending me weird links on our chat room and it was a Livestream where she was chained to a bed and started screaming switch on your webcam!

How I Was Trapped in the Scary World of the Dark Web

As soon as I saw those disturbing visuals I tried to close the website but the mouse quit moving and suddenly there was a black screen, for a second I felt relieved just then messages started popping up, “Open the camera! Open the camera!” a hundred times. The silliest thing I did was, I switched on my damn webcam.

After that one man wearing a black mask came on the screen showing different types of weapons like an auction. I fell back on my chair and immediately tried to close the window, but the arrow started moving on its own. He asked me to choose one, the most shocking thing was other people who were there on the Livestream started choosing weapons like razor, hammer, gun, or blade.

While the guy was asking me to choose the weapon the girl’s eyes were popping out staring at me.

The camera went off again and the chat popped up “look behind, look behind!” My heart stopped again! After some time, the same visuals came on my screen, but they were pointing at the camera. Upon the closer look, I realized they were pointing behind me where the same man wearing a black mask was peeking behind me. I didn’t look back because I could see myself in the camera, he was standing behind in my room and as I turned around quickly there was no one. I saw nothing of what I saw on the camera.

I turned back towards the screen and tried to close the whole laptop but it didn’t. There were 3 more men started undressing the women, the girl started screaming, and they poured the hot boiling water on her. The screen blacked out, for the next 2 minutes I only heard the girl’s voice screaming. The stream ended, I closed everything and literally threw away my laptop. Everything was unplugged yet I heard her screams. I sat silently and thought why was I watching it.

I was too devastated to stay in my room, so I ran out of the house despite it being 4: am, took my bike and went over to my girlfriend’s place. She talked me down for an hour. I stayed there and then went back to my house the next day. Nothing changed, everything was scary!

I never went back on the Dark Web, my girlfriend suggested it might be some prank of showing a visual that was peeking behind you. But the way the girl was undressed and was thrown hot boiling water on her then the screams. It was disturbing and it convinced me she was a victim of the Dark Web herself.

It still haunts me. To help me sleep, I’m seeing the therapist. There was nothing concrete to report to the police.

The internet is such a creative place but also a terrifying place. Don’t ever try to go there, it’s a very disturbing space. Just stick to your Google Chrome.

Honestly, I wish I never went on the Dark Web!

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