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Homemaker Greatest Profession

by Isha Shastri
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Homemaker career

Today I was talking to a friend of mine,
He said: “one of my friends got married last year and now his wife left the job and became a housewife.” My friend said “how can she become a housewife? How can she leave her job like this?”
Why do people think that being a housewife is a bad thing nowadays? Why is being a housewife almost looked down upon? Why housewives are not respected?

I asked him the same questions, so he replied, “there are 2 reasons for this firstly, being a housewife is an insult to those who work so hard for obtaining equal women rights and secondly, the most important they just sit at home and do nothing.”
I was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS?? It’s her choice if she wants to become a housewife or she wants to work and you, I, or anyone in the society is no one to judge, gossip, and whisper about her decision. Why don’t we accept working or being a housewife is a personal or circumstantial choice? “

If people think the housewives sit idle at home and do nothing other than kitty parties and live in an illusion world then those people are so very misguided. My mother is a housewife, she is the first one to wake up early in the morning and often the last one to sleep. She knows what each one of us needs, which is important
for us, what we usually forget and she gets it for us or reminds us of important things. Each member of the family has an indecent life in college, school, and work. But her life is just making everyone happy and comfortable. We go to college, office, work for 6 to 7 hours and come back tired, she provides us everything. She is there to motivate each one of us when we need motivation. She cooks us three meals every day, washes clothes and dishes, cleans our bedrooms, changes our bed sheets, takes care of us when we are ill, grooms our pets, and supervises the maid. Even if she is ill she won’t tell us so that we don’t get worried; and she continues to work, so we don’t have troubles in going on with our daily life.

  Housewife is another name for homemaker; she makes a brick structure into a home. There was a time when the housewife was known as the “mistress of the household” which was a much-honored title to have, but now it is looked down upon by some people. We get tired, frustrated, irritated working for 6 to 7 hours but she works flawlessly for 24*7*365 and never complains. We get weekends off to relax and take rest, but they don’t because they have the same routine every day. On holidays we get a vacation from schools, colleges, offices, and work. But she doesn’t get the time to relax, instead of their work and responsibilities increase such as managing and helping kids with homework, making extra snacks, lunch or dinner for guests. They get an actual holiday when they go for outing, wedding, or parties where they are free from their daily household works.

In fact, even a working woman starts her household duties before her office hours as well as after office hours. When we are not satisfied with something we leave it but she doesn’t, she still continues. She is always there for each and every family member. Her mood makes our home cheerful not that she can’t get upset or angry but when she does the mood of entire home changes. I believe being a housewife requires love, warmth, patience, intelligence, and care. Housewives take themselves as the last priority in their life. She makes sure everyone’s requirements are fulfilled, even if they have to reduce their requirements.  A housewife is the most efficient and multitalented person. A working person is related to a single field like plumber, chef, supervisor, purchase officer, human resource officer, electrician, storekeeper, accountant, doctor, psychologist, teacher, manager, etc, but housewives are related to all the fields. She is a multitasking person.

In this modern generation, there are people who think men and women are equal and run the world shoulder to shoulder with thinking that they can take the roles of each other. Like few husbands take the role of a housewife while their partners go to work in an office, and they are proud to help their wives without shame or hesitation about what would the society say.  Those who look down upon housewives try being a housewife for one day you will realize how much she works every single day and that too, without a salary. Those people who say housewives don’t work or earn a salary, try giving them a salary for each and every work she does being a housewife from your morning tea to serving dinner; from preparing you and your kids for office and schools to maintaining you home. You will then realize the salary you earn in a month is nothing that she will get for working as a housewife.  We should respect all the housewives as they were respected in the 20th century while regarding them as “mistress of the household”, for taking care of us and never look down upon them.

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