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Hills of Prosecco, World Heritage from 2019

by Teresa Vanin
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2019 the hills of Prosecco have been listed on the World Heritage List as a cultural landscape. A wonderful heritage to preserve, protect, taste, and visit.

One year after I decided to take the car and my camera and visit this beautiful place again, but this time with the aim of writing a piece for my web page to make the territory known to the rest of the world and also always with the idea of helping the economy of my country in this difficult time for everyone.
The hills of prosecco, a World Heritage Site, are located in the north-east of Italy and extend in Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. The hills of prosecco have been shaped by man over the years that have built terraces where they then planted the vines. This area is very popular for wine thanks to the microclimate that characterizes it; the location between the sea and the Prealps ensures a temperate climate with an annual average of 12.3 C and a constant ventilation , which allows the grapes to dry quickly after the rains. The hills extend from east to west, with a south-facing slope, where the vineyards enjoy the best sun exposure.
The Unesco Heritage said: “The vines that climb the poles are developed following the iron wires of the structure and form a vineyard that, from an aerial view, looks like a gigantic hive, a geometric embroidery of nature, which draws the territory in an almost abstract way. This ancient method still allows a viticulture exclusively by hand.” (Available at: http://www.unesco.it/it/PatrimonioMondiale/Detail/675).
The Prosecco hills, as already mentioned, extend from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene and you can travel the entire route along the Wine Route. The Wine Road was created in 1990 and the itinerary is a beautiful sight; you drive along this road surrounded by hills and vineyards on the right and left passing through small villages consisting of some houses, of course, a church, hectares of white grapes and cellars where you can buy the wine and in some of these place taste the different type of Prosecco.
Living in the province of Venice for me it is very easy to get to both Conegliano and Valdobbiadene; for this day out of town I chose to go to Valdobbiadene which I reached in about 1h and 50. I chose this city because it not only has beautiful wine hills but also because it has a spectacular view from Pianezze. The Pianezze are the highest part of the pre-alps and from here you can admire the whole city of Valdobbiadene, the Alps and if the sky is clear also the sea all in a silence broken only by the cowbells of the cow that graze.
Time to talk about Prosecco…
I think that the wine Prosecco is well known all around the world but I don’t think that a lot knows that there are different types of it. I love to sip a glass of prosecco in complete relaxation, maybe with an amazing landscape in summer and these hills are absolutely the right place to do it.
Prosecco stands out for its sweetness and for its quality. Let’s see specifically:
QUALITY (determined by the geographical area of the grapes)
From Conegliano to Valdobbiadene called DOCG
Outside the are of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene DOC
Brut – lower sugar residue
Extra dry -more sweetness than the Brut
Dry – it is even sweeter like a sparkling wine
It is a typical Italian aperitif wine. Excellent with cold cuts, appetizers and with the typical and delicious melon and ham.

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