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Happiness Always: Is it Possible?

by Wordsbyashish
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We all believe that happiness is an emotion. Something that just comes and goes, just like anger or say jealousy. Happiness can’t stay forever and we are in an endless cycle of ups and downs that change our feelings from happy to sad to angry. If you have seen Disney’s Inside Out, you would know what I am talking about. Okay quick context for those who haven’t seen it (Why????) It’s a movie where there are these cute little characters inside a girl’s brain and they represent the emotions. One is happy, one is sad, one is angry, and so on. They control the emotions of girls by pressing buttons in a huge computer. Then there’s this huge problem with emotions and uhhh just see the movie okay? Lol

So, being serious now. This is an actual representation of how we view happiness. That it gets triggered when we get something we want. So what’s wrong with that? you may ask. The whole concept is flawed.

We have a tendency to depend on our happiness on things. Try to remember these lines “I will be happy when I pass this college” “I will be happy when I get a good job” ” I will be happy when I am settled well and married” “I will be happy when I have kids”. Do we need to go more? Just apply this concept to where you are right now in your life. You will realize that you have indeed based your happiness on the things you want in life. There’s always a when and what associated with the feeling.

This dependency has caused us to believe in some kind of a system wherein we think that we would deserve happiness only if we have or achieve something. Now, the human wants are unlimited. When was the last time you got something brand new and when a newer model launched, you yearned for that too? Almost every time. See, human needs never end. We can’t be satisfied with what we have and we can’t seem to understand the concept of it. This constant need to have better possessions, better living, luxury cars and all are just making us unhappy. That is the reason being contented is so important.

Now, many would say that this is just a theory and in real life, if human doesn’t yearn for something better, how will he progress in life? Are we supposed to accept our faith and not work to get more done? NO. I don’t promote this. The point I am trying to make is to be contented with what you have. The way this works is you keep on striving for better things in life. Want to have luxuries? Sure go ahead work for it. Want to have money and power? Sure go ahead. But it’s the sadness that follows on non achievement that is a hinderance to our happiness. This is the moment when you need to say to yourself that it’s okay if you don’t have it all. You tried. You have your best and that’s what matters. Now, you shouldn’t stop trying but also not be down in the dumps when the wishes don’t materialize.

Another thing I would like to say is there is a counter argument that how can we be happy when there is a loss of a loved one. So let me say that happiness isn’t just limited to smiles. In times like these, what will matter most is inner peace. This inner peace is a subset of happiness.

Knowing that the soul has reached it’s final place and will suffer no more. That they have met their inevitable end. Can your sadness or crying bring them back? On contrary, it is believed that the soul takes a new body and the more we send the negative thoughts of crying and sadness, the more we would be hurting the soul. So how about we settle for peace? That’s something that can be done, right? I know that this is extremely difficult and I ain’t gonna preach you something I don’t believe in. So I will come back to this particular topic again.

So, does this answer our question? Is happiness always possible? I think yes. When you look at happiness having these subsets, it is possible. What we need to do is change our views. Our perceptions. Wishing you a very good luck in finding the core of your happiness!

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