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Ghar Ka Khana

by Shweta Brijpuria
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Ghar Ka Khana

Missing your parents, their love and concern when you move out of home is expected. You are aware you will be homesick and you brace yourself for those days, knowing nothing can eliminate the homesickness but a call or two will help.



What you do not expect to miss are the little comforts of home such as ‘maa ke haath ka khana’. After all, part of the adventure and the pleasure of living away from home is the opportunity to eat out at restaurants like Dominos and KFC. The first few days or even the first few weeks, you enjoy exploring new cuisines but then, longing sets in for a home cooked meal. You begin dreaming of the meals your mother prepared.

If you are lucky and you know how to cook, you can satisfy your cravings. It might not be as good as the food your mother cooks but it will diminish the desire for a home cooked meal. If not, start crying because the craving for ‘ghar ka khana’ never stops.

So, if you are planning on moving out of your parent’s home – khana banana seekh lo warna akele rahoge tobhookha rehena padega.

It’s funny; my father was determined not to face the embarrassment of a daughter who couldn’t cook because my mother couldn’t cook when they got married. So, soon as I was old enough, I learnt how to chop onions and tomatoes and boil rice. Unfortunately, even today, the extent of my cooking skills remains at great knife skills. I can also make an excellent cup of coffee, which I only make if I want brownie points and compliments. My poor father

My mother, on the other hand, went from having no cooking skills to being an excellent cook, whose rajma chawal and gaaram ghee rotis are famous in our family. She also makes delicious ‘upma’ that I often wake up dreaming about. In fact, my ghar ka khana deprivation sometimes gets so intense that I rather skip a meeting than lose the chance to eat ghar ka khana from my colleague’s lunch boxes. Despite the fact that I am lucky to have a very caring aunt who sends me home cooked meals, regularly.

Ghar Ka Khana

Ghar Ka Khana

Most days, however, I eat a lot of take out – the result of these bad eating habits was ill-health and doing rounds of doctors. Here are their words of knowledge and caution, they bestowed upon me and I pass on to you:

Our body is 75% water and we need to drink 3 liters of water every day.

A balanced diet consists of 4 meals – breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner.

Breakfast is the heaviest meal and dinner the lightest. Breakfast is the heaviest because it is the first meal after an 8 hour fast. Lunch should contain all the essentials – rice, dal, vegetable, salad, curd, roti and sweet that the body needs to function.

We should avoid butter because our food traditionally contains a lot of oil and ghee. We really don’t need more fat in our diet.

A little exercise goes a long way to maintaining good health.

Ghar ke khana is saade but is much healthier than meals from restaurants. An uncomplicated diet leads to a healthier life.

So, if you are planning on moving out of your parent’s home and you wish to stay healthy – ‘khana banana seekh lo’.

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