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Ganesh Celebration – Piyush Vibhandik.

by Piyush Vibhandik
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#OurTheme ❤️ Save Earth from Pollution, Save ourselves, and celebrate Indoors  ❤️ #MyGreenGanesha Our Decoration is of Books and Shadu Mati Ganesha. 😊 As the day of Worship, Blessings and importance come near the planning of making this festival successful In an ecofriendly way is our Motto.

Our Ganpati is prepared by organic color and Sand with no Plaster of Paris and we have avoided plastic and thermacol Decoration #OurEcoFriendlyGanesha 😊As every year this year‘s Ganesha Idol is Green as it is made of Green Paper and Clay with a mixture of Shaadu Mitti together forming a perfect Eco Ganesha. #OurGreenDecoration 😊 From The theme of Save Earth we avoided hazardous materials and made a Best From Waste Decoration #MyStrengthMyGanesha 😊 Ganesha is my strength and gives me hope for bettering myself and coming out of negativity  #MyWishToGanesha 😊I wish from my heart that our lives becomes normal and disease like Covid, Cancer gets eliminated as soon as possible.  I wish that the issues of pollution stops, plastic usage stops and thinking of people changes to know the importance of the Ecosystem. Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated from ages and the main essence of the celebration is togetherness with the hope of staying true to nature and this year we are celebrating indoors.😊  HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI ALL

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