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by Abbas Haveliwala
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My mom told me yesterday that we are also friends na
I asked her “mom, you hit us whenever you think we fall out of line are we free to return back the favour”
She quickly responded by saying “how can you even say that I am your mom!!!”
& there it was some friendships do have limitations
If you will ask for more you might get a blow
Our parents are going out of the way to cope up with our generation to be friendlier & to be available

Friendships don’t have defined set of rules but there are few untold ones which you never have to break
This friendship day let’s address to all our weird but much-needed friends with weirder habits & rules

Some friendships are born in silence
Some in excessive talking
Some out of awkwardness
& some to avoid loneliness

Some people extend a friendlier hand
To ease out the hierarchy
Some to ease out the age gap

There are few whom you approach
& there are others who pull you in

What’s the next logical step?
We form groups!!!

We have school friends, college friends, traveling friends, office friends, Society friends, playground friends, Community friends & many more
Either you are added in one or you add someone

These groups even have sub-groups like
Boys group, girls group & cosmopolitan one
Close one’s & hie hello one’s

There are few of them whom you run away from by just sighting
& there are some you search for eagerly waiting to meet

You might not remember how you became friends
But you do remember all the nonsense you did after becoming one
You might not remember what you owe your friends
But you do remember what favours you extended

Some friends are likable
Some are abusive
Some are persuasive
Some are argumentative

Some are reserve
Some are opportunistic
Some are very dear
Some are just surrendered

There are few with whom you get cozy
& there are some which strictly have touch me not policy

With some friends, we can be naughty
With some, we can be cocky

Some friends can be introduced at home
Some are better off unknown

Some are just like when in a particular circle
Some are just all-rounder’
Can be fun to hang around in any situation

Some friendships are born because of political opinion
Some of them get torn because of strong opinions

The list just goes on & on & on………….

But here is something important
To all my friends who are, were or will be part of my life
Guys you have done a really bad job & there is a great deal of improvement
Step up & take the lead

I hope to have a better set of experience to share

A very happy Friendship day to all!!!

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