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My Friend’s Unhealthy Obsession With Being Skinny Got Worse!

by Grishma Indap
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My friend has always been a chubby girl. She was very confident in her own skin until she started following fashion bloggers and influencers. And then things began to go downhill, she started feeling insecure about the way she looks. She would tell herself constantly that she has to become thin and it turned into a habit.

Things got worse for her when she was diagnosed with Thyroid and she started putting on some weight and people at her college started calling her plump, fatso, fatty or give her strange looks. Even her parents started calling her names and asked her to lose weight. She was having trouble fitting into the clothes she really wanted to be wearing. It got to the point where she started hating her body.

The girl which I knew who was super confident in her own skin, started self-doubting, unhappy, and insecure. It also got in the way of our friendship, she felt like she couldn’t communicate with her friends even if they loved her for who she was. We always told her you’re not fat or obese, you’re perfect and you don’t have to worry about anyone’s comment yet she wasn’t ready to accept. Anxiety took a toll on her and that’s when she promised herself to work out daily and maintain a strict diet.

She started exercising excessively and maintained a strict diet. She used to hardly eat anything, like few fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She stopped socializing and worked out for 3 to 4 hours. With her newfound routine, she started to see results and began to lose weight. She was thrilled about how her body looked, but she wasn’t confident like before. Since she was getting the results she became obsessed with diet, exercise, and becoming skinny. Everyone in the college started praising her and she also got attention from some famous boys in the college. That’s when she believed that becoming skinny was the key to life and solution to all the problems.

6 months passed and her routine made her transform into 75 kg to 42 kg. She was insanely skinny, lost all the interest in meeting her real friends, and her passion for singing. She has always been foodie all her life but her rigorous routine made her lose appetite. She felt tired and depressed easily. Every time she looked at the mirror she felt that she was fat and she had to lose more weight. One night when she was working out, she collapsed on the floor. Her parents took her to hospital and that’s when everything fell apart, she was diagnosed with an eating disorder, anorexia.

That’s when part of her realized she needed help and she had to fix herself. Recovery took time but she found strength with counseling’s support. She apologized to us for not listening to us. But, lately, it’s been a normal life for her. She still works out but only for 45 minutes, she hangs out with us more often, she eats whatever she wants to eat, and she knows that staying positive has paid her off. So, that’s what she is going to do for the rest of her life. Also, she stopped looking at the weighing machine every single time.

The best part was when she gained her weight back and hit her goal of gaining 10 kgs back and was allowed to say bye-bye to her medicines. She stopped avoiding any types of food and enjoyed whatever tastes good. She embraced her body with whatever she wanted to wear. It’s been a year now, she’s been able to keep up with her lifestyle and she started appreciating life. She learned how to love herself and accept the way she was.

Her story made me realize we don’t see ourselves the way we really are, we see ourselves the way others show off or we listen to someone’s mean words and we start believing them. And my friend did that too. It’s been a long journey for her to get here, and I really hope her story can help to literally warn you how people can fall into the trap of being perfect.

She started to believe she was fat, and she couldn’t stop herself. She lost too much weight and she had an eating disorder. Finally, when her body gave up on her, she realized how she gave up on her beautiful body. I just want to say be yourself and you don’t have to always fad diets to become perfect.

The most important things are the love of your family and friends but a bit, even more, is love for yourself. You are you, you’re the most amazing person in your own way and don’t need to follow society’s trends of being perfect. Because, why do you need people who only appreciate you for how you look? Bodies come in all sizes and shapes. You don’t have to kill yourself to become perfect.

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