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Exclusive Wedding Trends In 2020

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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We are obsessed with the trends that we are gonna share with you today because not only do they look beautiful but they also add so much to the experience of your big day for you and your guests they’re so good and some of them will even save you some money which is always a good thing in the wedding world. Wedding season is on and people have been trying many different things to make their big day a very special one. And here we are to help you out with the best wedding trends to rock your wedding day amid covid in 2020. 

So now, let’s jump over to the best wedding trends in 2020 and slay this day with this gorgeous trend. 


1. Color Palette:

So the first trend that we’re going to talk about is the color palette that you’re picking for your wedding day. Now, Pannetone comes out every year with their color of the year, but in reality, this year’s classic blue fell short as a trend. And while it’s a beautiful color, the reality is that weddings are veering towards rich, vibrant, beautiful colors, jewel tones that are reminiscent almost of a San Antonio Fiesta, vibrant, Magenta’s, vibrant yellows, vibrant greens. And these colors are being used offseason. And what do I mean by that? That orange that you might find in an October wedding might be found in a spring wedding. Now paired with an unusual color combination rather than Browns and rustic colors. It might be paired with pink and it might be pretty normal to find a dark rich black paired with a mustard tone. So when you’re talking about color for your wedding day and what’s on-trend, go for something rich. Go for something vibrant and don’t be afraid to pair colors that don’t normally get paired together.


2. Wedding Dresses for Bride:

So our second trend that we’re looking at is wedding dresses for the bride. Now there’s always going to be that traditional classic line of the dress, but we’re seeing bridal capes, we’re seeing colors that, for a while have been around on the kind of fringe and the outskirts, but we’re seeing a bigger push into blue gowns, that black gown that’s been around on the fringes for a little while as being more and more prevalent, um, in the fashion world. So don’t be afraid to look at different colors, different necklines. The square neckline is something that’s going to start coming into play more and more rather than the standard sweetheart or v-neck. Also, we’re seeing on the back of dresses deeper and deeper plunging, very sexy back, versus the traditional high back that we’ve seen for a long time.


3. Wedding Suits and Tuxes For Groom

Next Trends is our tuxes, our suits. What are the guys going to be wearing? So we’ve seen the traditional black tux for a long time and I don’t think that’s going to go anywhere. I’m a huge fan of the black tux. I do think it’s going to get revamped a little bit with that velvet jacket, velvet tops which just add that extra layer of texture to a wedding day. In addition to that, blue suits are still going to be very impactful, very on-trend versus your standard gray suit is on the out. I would avoid looking at that as an option. It dates your wedding versus being on-trend and fashion-forward.


4. Eco-Friendly and Minimalist Weddings

So this is amazing because it can save you a lot of money especially if you have a tighter budget or if you like the decor the flowers and some other details like that aren’t as important to you. Few ideas for you here would be –

● Eliminate straws or do paper straws I love incorporating paper straws into my party because I think they just add so much personality you can find them in like any color that you could think of so you can get them in your wedding colors, yeah and they’re just super cute so that’s a fun way to incorporate an eco-friendly theme by swapping out those plastic straws.

● Less Use of flowers this is a great excuse to save some money as well and a lot of times these venues are beautiful and they’re in a beautiful setting you don’t need tons and tons of flowers.

● Forego all of the paper, there’s just so much paper involved in wedding invitations alone can be like five pieces of paper which is super expensive and be a total waste because pretty much nobody will save those. Maybe just go completely digital.

● Last but not the list that will make your wedding a lot more eco-friendly is to cut out all the plastic products so no like plastic cups plastic plates stuff like that eliminate those if you do still want to use disposable plates silverware cups stuff like that.


5. Healthy Menu:

The third trend I have for you is the healthy menu options everyone these days is like gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, everything free so having at least one option on your menu that can accommodate this will be very helpful to you so you don’t have to be asking your caterer to make all of these exceptions in the dishes so that people can eat it. You should have a vegan option on your menu maybe like vegan gluten-free this will usually be able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Another delicious and amazing way to go about this health trend is to have a farm-to-table menu find a farm-to-table caterer it adds so much to your wedding experience for you and your guests to have fresh beautiful food. 

Another part of this super health-conscious trend that you might not think about is your drinks with people getting more and more health-conscious people are attending to give up alcohol so it was amazing to incorporate a pretty little mocktail in your menu so that you can make everybody feel included and also a mocktail is going to be a little bit cheaper on your drink bill.


So here are the trends that are in the hype and we have mentioned the ideas to use these trends most uniquely. Doing so will impress your guests and along with you, they will also never want the day to end. So a very happy wedding. Keep coming back for more amazing content. 

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