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Exclusive Dating Tips During Covid – 19

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Right now going out and meeting somebody face-to-face for a date is just out of the way. Why because we’re in lockdown. We’re in confinement or isolation whatever you want to call. It is all because of the coronavirus. So the question is how do we date in such a way. Though we can still build connection. Eventually, we’re probably going to reach a stage if you haven’t already where you’ll have a video date with each other. Now for some of you who are not confident with being able to do that we are here to give you some really practical tips on how to do a video date successfully so that your love life doesn’t have to be on hold.

So the tips that I’m going to give you today are going to be a mix between obviously setting you up for the right dating advice but also setting you up to visually appealing look through a screen as well. So that you can again feel more confident and more at ease about this whole process. So let’s jump into the whole guide of the virtual dating and explore some best ways that will definitely make your virtual date a really successful one.


Mentioned below are some best ways that you can opt for to make your virtual date a best one.

1.Choose the right platform for you: A very important step


The first thing that you need to do is that you need to choose your method or the platform. That platform you’ll be going to use to execute a video date. Now for example a lot of corporate companies out there myself included use a platform called zoom. It is absolutely free to use. It has a pretty easy interface. Hence, all you need to do is download the application on your phone or your computer and then you just schedule in a time or you can also schedule a meeting and then you send that meeting link to somebody else and they will  click on it and, Voila. At that time that you schedule your meeting to have a video date you’ll see now yourself talking to your date and you would be talking back to me.

Now there are other more traditional ways such as Facebook Messenger or Skype and there are platforms out there like huge. Tinder, plenty of fish which have introduced live streaming day and you’re not confident with using computer software then just go to one of those apps if you’re not already on them and use the method that they’ve given everyone out there.

Use Your Computer, not your Phone

The second thing we recommend is doing it on your computer as opposed to on your phone. Your computer is something that allows you to be hands-free. You can then start to pick up a glass if you’re having like a dinner date or something like that or a coffee date. So that your hands are occupied and I’ll get into that in another tip but you know you’re using your computer as opposed to using your phone you’ve got a much bigger screen door. Which  probably allows you  to be able to put your computer in a position where you can have better lighting and then your arms aren’t going to get tired trying to hold it. Also, you may tend to drop things while using your phone. And with a wider computer screen you won’t be distracted by people trying to text you or message you whilst you’re on the video date. Which would be bad manners for your virtual date. So definitely use a computer screen instead if you can or a tablet to have a better video date experience.

Treat It Like A Real Date: This will totally change the Virtual date Game

Now the third thing to do is treat it like a real date. Well, we know that it’s a little bit weird right?  But you know especially if it’s a first date like literally a first date that you’re having with someone is through a screen rather than meeting in person so if we can try it and make it as a real date. Then you’re both going to feel like okay we’re on the same sort of page here and this isn’t as stressful as how we actually thought about it. It’s going to be super smooth, exciting and fun if you make it that way. Else, you might also end up ruining it if you will not take that seriously.

      Dress Appropriately:

You wouldn’t go to a date looking like crap in your pajamas right? So, if it is a dinner video date you simply need to dress up as if you were going on out to dinner. Also, if it is a casual coffee date then dress up casually and slay you best date look.

      Have A Specific Time Frame:

The second thing you need to do is you need to have a timeframe. Because when you go on a date with someone you usually know that it’s going to go for like you know an hour two hours. Maybe three at the most not more than that. But in the video, it’s not going to work for this long. Online an hour and a half might seem like a long time because we get restless. Also we get distracted and hence,when it comes to a video date you should have a time frame but understand that time frame might be a little bit shorter purely because we are just not used to it. Once you have aidea in mind you are good to go.

Be aware of your background:

Now, if you’re going to have a video date with someone then make sure that your environment behind you is set up to impress. To make you feel more confident so make sure that the windows are closed if you know that you’re near a noisy road go somewhere quiet. Maybe have the background so it’s not as distracting. If you’ve got too much going in the background what that does and this is just from a camera point of view which I want to give you guys tips on. It takes the focus off you and obviously when you’re video dating someone you want the focus to be completely on you. So if your background is too busy or you’ve got you to know people running around and people sneaking in the door and you’ve got lots of noise. It’s going to be distracting for you. It’s going to be distracting for them and it’s probably not going to be the best sort of experience ideally. Therefore, it will be better for you to be in a room by yourself. Obviously, that allows you to have some sort of privacy and it means that it minimizes some distractions.

Have Some Ice Breakers:

The next thing to do is have a couple of icebreakers. If this is going to be your very first experience of meeting this person or just doing a video date with this person again it might be a little bit awkward for a lot of people.  In general, people aren’t confident just talking to a camera like this even if there’s somebody on the other end some people completely freeze up. In fact so what I suggest is setting a couple of things up so that you have kind of like safety stuff to go to. This is why I say choose a computer as well and don’t just do it on your phone. Because it means that your hands will be able to be free so have a cup of coffee with you if you’re doing a coffee day or have a glass of water or glass and what if you’re doing a wine day have something that your hands can reach each time so that when you get stuck you can take a sip.

Other things that you can do to have icebreakers is thought of questions that you might like to ask each other. For example one of the questions you might ask each other is like oh I know I can see from here but what are you wearing underneath let me get certain your pajamas right. Have a few kinds of lines that you can both laugh about and relate to ease the tension between you both.

Some extra thing you need to consider before doing a virtual date during Covid – 19

      Confirm The Time

      Have Strong Internet  Connection And Good Lighting

      Framing Yourself The Right Way

      Don’t Do Video On Your Bed


So dear readers, here are the most exclusive tips that you can’t really found anywhere else. Follow this amazing guide and have you virtual date planned successfully with your partner or with a person you want to date.  Till then stay tuned for amazing content.

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