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Exalted Eid Al Adha

by Shehnaz Gujral
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Festival of Sacrifice with festivities

Fervor fascinates the families

Kids enthused to get

New garbs, dolls and toy guns

Folks toing and froing up to malls

Like faces with unlike shapes and sizes

Masks and gloves this Eid Al Adha

Heena filled hands veiled in gloves

No feasting with get- togethers

Tweetup and Zoom greetings

Oh God! Grant us the free world

A Narcissist man thought was only for us

Not only a virus free world

A selfless world free of tailor- made worms and bugs

Superiority to ones and inferiority to someone’s

Conviction, class or country! No more this!

Allah, Jesus, Ram or Waheguru

Usher us to that planet

Where a new dawn ignites the self

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