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How My Encounter to My Sexual Assault Story Redefined My Life

by Priya Pathak
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How My Encounter to My Sexual Assault Story Redefined My Life - MyBlogUs

We donʼt know which incident can leave a lifelong impact and capability of disturbing anybodyʼs mental process anytime. To be precise happy moments give you smile and sudden unexpected happening incidents make you feel disgusted about your self.

Itʼs going to be 5 years now.

And every time I feel flashbacks of it and it makes me feel disgusted with my own self and I feel I could undo the incident forever so that I donʼt need to live with the feeling that makes me feel empty inside.

It was a rainy day in June and I had gone to Vaze college Mulund East to submit my form and procedures of 11th Admissions. I had some 2000-3000 bucks in my bag and some documents.

While walking towards the back road of vaze to go towards Mulund station it is too empty to see someone or to be heard is a residential area. Two men in drunk state crossed my side and started commenting and asking for money, I got scared.

They pushed me dragged my bag and touched me inappropriately by touching my private parts and no one could see or hear me to help me out. I pushed him tried to run but he pulled me back I fell on the road my elbow and legs were bleeding and had bruises.

And after all this that man had the audacity to ask me that can I give him a blowjob on the street?


And then ran away with the money in my bag.

I picked all my things that have fallen on the road and that day I picked up myself too from being weak or scared of someone and I knew that it is important to fight.

How weird that day was I saw some completely unbelievable concept that day. Two men who made me feel disgusted with myself where is a simple auto-rickshaw driver dropped me from Mulund to thane even after I told him I donʼt have money to pay your fair!

‘He just said in return beta aapko laga hai, aap baith jao paise nahi chahiye.ʼ The post trauma was breaking me.

Where I could not speak about it to anyone; I used to feel a current even if anyone normally use to touch me or come around me. I felt disgusted by my own body.

I was disturbed and could not do anything about it; that day I learned that being weak or scared is not going to solve it.

We are supposed to fight and make them realize that mistake and stand up for it!

I thank my mom for always teaching me to fight in each situation and overcome it.

Thank you for being the best person.

Whatever I have learned from her are some best lessons to live up with.

Every girl must have faced a situation like this on the train;

Even I did, someone tried to grab me from the waist and pick me up to get down from the train on Thane Station.

I yelled; the remaining aunties in train hit him, even I did slap him and handed him over to police constable on the platform.

That day I knew I had become strong enough to fight against it and not scared to travel in trains late at 12 or drive alone home, go for night-outs, come late from work, because of these few men around we women canʼt stop living freely the way we want!

Just because of these few men with narrow mind states we canʼt stop trusting good gentlemen around who genuinely know how to behave with women.

As we have Father, Guy best friends, Boyfriend, Brothers, Husband and we love them.

They make us believe not all men are the same!



We, women, need to be strong and a will to fight with this rather than staying quiet and letting it destroy you!

Society punishes the victim and always believes that they are responsible but the truth is they are not!

The people who do this should be punished instead of with whom this happens too!

It’s not about gender, even Men face this.

It’s not about gender or equality its about we need to fight back to eradicate this from our society and make it a safe and better place to live!

That feeling disgusts you from yourself and standing up against it makes you – feel stronger! Iʼm putting this up to encourage women and men around to stand up for themselves which is an important necessity now. 


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Dipendra Singh July 10, 2020 - 1:52 pm

People like this are just a black spot on Humanity and manhood. We all just have to eradicate these from our society and our surroundings.
That’s it .
Live and let live!

Apurva Shinde July 12, 2020 - 1:54 pm

You’re strong and beautiful my girl! Lots of love and power for the way you tackled it. Really really proud of you.


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