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Emotional Hygiene

by Shehnaz Gujral
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Brush and floss twice, nay thrice.

Soft, hard bristled or bamboo brush.

No to candies, chocolates and cupcakes

Fillings, crowns, canals and tooth aches

Senile sermons on oral hygiene.

Shower, twice a day; head wash, alternate day.

Change your loofah, scrub and rub.

Fragrance free soaps and non sulphate shampoos.

Acnes, pimples, marks and scars.

Admonish or advise on body hygiene!

Oh! You sneezed and forgot to sanitize

Dungeon of do’s and don’ts dwell inside.

He is ill, she is unwell in the hapless hell.

Tumult treatment tampered untold times.

Sick untreated in sick bay.

Ignorant us, lost in this maze.

Well-minded or mended minds.

Invisible wounds, wounded within.

Scratches and crevices in the nude mind.

Emotional hygiene hydrates hollow hub.

Open the first aid box of Emotional hygiene.

Hear the bleeding-heart with tiny talks.

Shun the toxic tales and sadist frames.

Forget the messed lyrics, hum the tune of life.

Paint bright the canvas of your life.

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