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Desire – Is it the cause of all worries?

by Stoic Silence
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“Desire is the cause of all worry and suffering” according to the Buddhist teachings desire is the cause of all suffering and worries in this world. Today I invite you to reflect about it.

Desire is the cause of all worry and sufferings think about it can that be true?  No doctor would say I wanted to be an accountant but could not get a seat in commerce college so joined medical college instead, or no businessman would say I wanted to make loss but instead made a profit,

Or for that matter no athlete or a sportsperson would try to lose, each person has one desire to become successful in their respective fields.

Just imagine without desire we would not have any doctors or engineers. Today athletes try to be Higher, Faster, and Stronger than anyone they try to be the best. It is all possible only with their desire to excel.

Don’t you think that man has surpassed imagination and reached beyond boundaries of outer space, and the deepest part of the earth and the seas?  Science and Technology have no limits in today’s world it is all due to the desire to test human limits.

In their inherent desire to love and to be loved people do endearing and sometimes crazy things.

Think about it desire may not be a bad thing as thought. If we look at this way the entire world is fuelled by desire. Everything humanity has achieved is just by following the desire. The change we see in this world is only been possible by desiring to do so. Thousands of civilizations, kingdoms, culture, language, traditions etc., have been in this world could have been possible only because of the desire of the people young and old alike.

“Desire is the cause of all sufferings and worries “Buddha told this in 530 BC in Pali an old and extinct language. This simply cannot be true or perhaps some of the meaning may have been lost in translation.

On the other hand attachment to the desire that is consuming the world.  Attachment to the desire has so consumed mankind that people knowingly or unknowingly evolved into unrecognizable beings.

As the Bible says in James 4:2” you desire but do not have so you kill, you covet but you cannot get what you want so you quarrel and fight”. Here James talks about the attachment to the desire which causes all suffering and worry.

Even now if we look around we see so many atrocities committed here and around the world only because of the attachment to the desire, in their attachment to the desire athletes dope, politicians, businessmen lie and cheat,  no politicians wake up in the morning and says I want to be corrupt but it is their attachment to their desire that makes them as they are, athletes dope, businessmen cheat, doctors turnout to be quacks, people lie create a divide between themselves only due to the attachment of their desires.

Haven’t we seen enough genocide just to the race pure or just to be the only race in their region, man has behaved worse than animals to achieve that history is witness to that? It is the attachment to their desire that has caused so much suffering to this world and people, be it our country or anywhere in this God gave world history has been written in blood and tears because of the attachment to the desire .

To escape the suffering caused by the attachment to our desires St Paul says in a letter to the

Colossians 3:5 says “put to death, therefore whatever belongs to your earthly nature; sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry”. Here St Paul means to say that all the unhealthy attachment to our desires should be discarded from our lives to be truly happy.

Whereas desire is not bad, desire is just misunderstood without desire we cannot achieve anything.

Without desire, we cannot find Faith, Hope, Love, and Peace. Without desire, we cannot find God.

We have great men had their dreams and desire to see their dream come true. Every parent desires the happiness of their children we cannot say that is wrong. “Human desire is the fundamental motivation for all human actions “philosophers have noted the motivational aspects of desire for a long time.

When we think about it, it is not the desire that is the cause of all worry and sufferings but the attachment to the desire that is a cause of all worries and sufferings.

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