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Dedicated to My Brothers and Sisters

by Shweta Brijpuria
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Dedicated to my Brothers and sisters

If you have a sibling, rejoice as you will never be alone, unloved or unsupported’.

I am grateful to my Mum and Papa for all they have done but most of all I am grateful that they have given me my most precious gifts ‘My Siblings’.

My life wouldn’t be the same without them. I picture my life without ‘my siblings’ and my childhood seems bleak. No masti, no fun, no joy, no mobile phone from your first salary.

So, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I would say ‘Thank You’ mum and papa.

Raksha Bandhan has always been a day of celebration at my house. As a young child, I remember waiting anxiously for Raksha Bandhan as it was the day my five sisters and two brothers would gather. We would run around, have fun, tie rachis, receive gifts, and celebrate our bond as siblings.

As we grew older and moved away from home, gathering for Raksha Bandhan became difficult. Work commitments meant rakhis were sent by mail not tied in person. Though, we do still try and meet and celebrate because as my Papa used to say, ‘Beta you are blessed

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister

and you should respect that’.

Raksha Bandhan unlike Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is not meant for any specific person. It is a day of celebration for any person who is fortunate enough to have a sibling, be it biological or of the heart.

My mum has a brother and even after decades of marriage, she still tries to visits my Mamaji every year to tie a rakhi and my Mamaji eagerly awaits her presence, such as the love of a sibling.

My papa, on the other hand, has a family of the heart – Madan chacha, his best friend, and his entire family from his mother to his brothers – Ammaji, Pappu bua, Sadan chacha, Raju chacha, and Sanju chahca.

Some of my most memorable memories are at Ammaji home. Ammaji has always said that Papa is her 5th son despite having 4 sons and 3 daughters.

Every year on Raksha Bandhan we gather so that Madan chacha, Pappu bua, Sadan chacha, Raju chacha, and Sanju chahca and Papa can tie that ‘resham ki dori’ to symbolize and cement their feelings for each other. They may not be biological family but they are the family.

The beauty of being Indian and celebrating Raksha Bandhan is that it allows you to celebrate not only your biological siblings but also the siblings of your heart ‘your rakhi brothers and sisters’.

Raksha Bandhan allows you to express feelings and emotions that is hard to verbalize. We tie this ‘resham ki dori’ to express everything which words cant, actions can’t and gifts can’t.

I like to dedicate this day to all my brothers and sisters, whether we meet or not, always know that you hold a very very special place in my life. 

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