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Dedicated to LGBTQS+ community – TRUTH & LOVE

by Manav
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lgbt slam poetry


I got ’tis bod though it wasn’t my choice.

Moreover, I got thought of lovin both girls and boys.

This is also love ; problem is you didn’t get it.

It’s essential for well being , if thou want thee can bet it.

Your love’s your choice and my choice of mine.

your decision is good and mine one is also fine.

You don’t need to be gay to support or feel.

Just a bit of respect and acceptance is enough to heal.



The world’s full of love, and perhaps Dangers.

Who’s got to decide,

My lover’s he or she, I or the strangers.

Love touches the soul,

Body never matters.

Happiness is final goal,

met by hugs -kisses and letters.

New era is here,

we must be changing soon.

New stories are here,

both Romeo -Rohan ‘n’ Juliet-June.

Love’s got no limits,

limitlessness in love.

But swords aren’t valid,

what’s valid is dove.

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