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by Arpita Sharda
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Deception The weather was bright,

I saw a bird soaring high,

Wrapped closely in a vibrant plumage,

Flying higher to scale the limits.

Just when soaring high seemed right,

Clouds blocked her sight,

She tried to evade,

find crevices,

Only to find herself in a black trap.

I could see her struggle and confused,

For she still was naïve.

Next, she rolled her eyes to the ground,

Only to find her sight blocked by bubbles!

Standing beneath the shade of a roof,

I saw her plumage drenched,

Knowing that the baggage of droplets,

Wouldn’t let her fly an inch.

Finding herself alone in the sky,

She made a frivolous attempt,

To shrug off,

Only to find her closely wrapped plumage,

Shred away with the wind! As an onlooker,

The sight was dramatic and gloomy,

But it lightened her up,

She flew fearlessly,

Sat on the strongest branch,

And made a pact by the storm- To never trust the cover of vibrance again!

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