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Death of Humanity and Innocence

by Saksham Kailoo
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Death of humanity

Some Will say humanity is all about treating people or animals with kindness or tenderness. Are we really up to it?

We do watch and share inspirational videos of Actors like Varun Pruthi. But have you ever tried to give a blanket to the poor who shivers in this brutal winter?

The child of a poor who was suffering from Cancer dies every day. We waste the hard-earned money of our parents on irrelevant things. But have we donated Just Rs 100 to them? We ignore this by saying that, ‘It’s not sufficient there are much more rich people in this world’.

The delivery boys of Zomato or Swiggy, most of them are ones who are earning for their education and managing both at the same time. Do we ever ask them a glass of water when they deliver our order?

I belong to Udhampur, J&K, and had Studied in Army Public School, which heads the Headquarters of Northern Command. I’ve seen many of Army people, their struggles, leaving their families, children for their thankless jobs. But what do we do for them? Have we ever offered food to the people Guarding or area?

We want changes in the constitution, but do we change ourselves positively?

Almost Everyone has heard that the Death penalty to the convicts of Nirbhaya further got delayed, we curse our system but tell me seriously on your level have you ever been a part of candle march?

We curse the politicians (P.S- I am neither supporting them nor I am against them), but it’s us who made them so.

We cannot control 100% of things. Only 50% of them in our hands. Try not to waste them in politics, use them for the betterment of the human race.

Actually we, humans are very selfish. We talk about the changes, give everyone lectures on humanity, teach our children and all but do we really stick to that?

If we want to bring back humanity, we must improve ourselves first. Instead of wasting time on politics or cursing people, try to help everyone at your level.

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