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Every Couple Facing LDR During The Lockdown!

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Long Distance Relatioship during Lockdown

We have always heard of long-distance relationships. The one based on honesty and commitment, without which, it is a relationship that gets ruined with the slow poison of insecurities and trust issues. In every long-distance relationship, there’s an excitement to hug your partner at the airport as soon as he/she gets out of the security gate. But there’s also a ‘until next time’ feeling as you understand the relation of the airport with a goodbye. You miss them before they leave. You want to love them and spend all the time with them before they leave. That’s all we have understood about the long-distance relationships.

While 2020 has introduced us to a lot of things and we have been experiencing many firsts of our lives, the year brought along the pandemic that had taken the entire world on their knees. 2020 has also introduced us to the LDR in the lockdown. While couples had cribbed on the long-distance relationships with their partners and not being able to meet them because they were physically miles apart, little did they knew that a day will come when the chance of traveling to your love will also be out of the question. In a normal LDR, a partner can travel whenever they want to meet the love of their life, but lockdown LDR is different as all they can meet in this situation is virtually! Well, too late to say that we should have appreciated what we had instead of complaining about it!

Most couples must be thinking, ‘How are we even going to make it through the lockdown?’ A couple living in LDR during the lockdown must be wondering how life would have been better we were in a live-in relationship or better be married. But grass always looks greener on the other side. Imagine the situation of the ones, who just live down the road, but still aren’t able to meet their partners, thanks to the social distancing! It is the time when LDR couples are teasing the normal couples on how they have been living this style of relationship since ages. 

You’re talking about not being able to meet your partner for a month, well, we are used to not meeting each other for months!

Are you missing the sex with your partner? How about getting used to the phone sex now!

Are you missing the spooning and cuddling your partner while sleeping? Try hugging the pillow at night!

Are you missing the movie dates with your partner? How about watching the new series or film released on OTT platform over a video call!

Are you missing the brunch and dinner dates at a cozy, romantic café with your favorite food served on the table? Try cooking your favorite food now and have a wine date with your partner on a video call!

Are you missing the days at the park, sitting under a tree, and reading your favorite book with your partner? How about getting a little creative this time and write a small poem or a note for your partner to wake up to the next morning!

It’s never ‘too hard’ to make a relationship work. It only takes an extra effort and commitment from both sides!

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