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Ciao Twenty-Twenty

by Shehnaz Gujral
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Little has changed, much is the same

Once upon a time in the year 1918

Same pinch to the year 2020

The first rays of sunlight

The chirping of the early birds

The rustling of the leaves

Buzzing honeybees, fluttering butterflies

Eternal ecstasies of nature

Much has changed, little is the same

Honking of the school bus

Echoing of the school bell

Fun and fights in Metros and local buses

Tring-Tring of the rickshaws

Triple trips on bikes

Joy rides in entertainment parks

Splash rides in aqua parks

Popcorns and Sodas in movie halls

Burgers and pizzas in food courts

Little has changed, much is the same

Earthen aroma after rainfall

Rhythms and beats of tides

Kissing and winking of the wind

Clouds playing hide and seek with costars

Shades of pink, pale or white

Now crescent then round moon

Blanket of isolation wraps all

Gregarious once now a ghostly dwelling

Actor 2020 imitating 1918

Still Summer of 1918

Bid adieu! Clone no more, ciao!

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