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Black & White

by Shehnaz Gujral
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I gazed through the

Mini opening on a leaf

A beautiful orchid with

The glamour of saffron and priceless rose

Oh! Madam sneezed

This is the news on tweet

Good Lord! Sir has a cold and cough

These days are so rough

Ambulance at the doorsteps

Instagram news going on reps

Pricey linen, gold and diamond studded masks

Immunity with fancy sanitizers

Praying and fasting for reel heroes

Glamorous web of zeroes

I gazed through the

Mini opening on a leaf

A thorny weedy orchid with

Butterfly bushes, Day lilies and Peonies

Oh! Poor Mrs. in labor

No ambulance or a nurse

Till she lives her last breath

Lame man short of breath

Steam, gargles and concoction

His daily dose of super antioxidants

Tattered rags for masks

Washing liquor, the sanitizer

He, a number in the case studies

Unglamorous web of heroes

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