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Black Lives Matter

by Vishakha Choubey
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Black Lives Matter

Why always white be the colour of beauty,
Why a dark tone is not called pretty.

Why these phones use skin tone filters,
Why beauty is all about bright light & gilters.

Why these beauty products come with fairness shades,
Why they forget that with time all this fades.

Why they forget that everybody is equal!
And he is the one who created we people.

We all are same, we all bleed red,
Discrimination based on colour is really sad.

Why these antagonists are given dark colour,
Even blooms the same, the dark coloured flower.

Beauty is all about heart, soul and mind,,
Even, fall in love! the people who are blind

I wish Cinderella was given colour black, brown or pale,
Then it could be more of a fairly tale…

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