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by Shehnaz Gujral
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An uncrowned King in 2020.

My commands crumbled men.

Scarred streets shivered at my coming.

I adorned containment zones in Red, Orange & Green.

I am Sorry, Sorry and again sorry.

A lesson to teach, a thought to preach.

I was hoodwinked playing soulful roles.

Chastised fancies faded fleetingly.

Children chided and men fouled their flaky tongues.

I am Sorry, Sorry and again sorry.

I was the megalomaniac master.

WHO, Abuse channels and media vexed my name in trice.

Theatres, Parks and auditoriums longed for men.

Hind legs and wings, the new heroes.

I am Sorry, Sorry and again sorry.

Masks and gloves, framed in mounds.

Weddings and funerals in condensed confinements.

Do not touch; You are unwelcomed was the protocol.

Venue graveyard; Menu wreaths was the view to rue.

I am Sorry, Sorry and again sorry.

I arrived with sinister sings.

Warned you of stained sins.

Trembling fears as men touched men.

Afraid of his own shade in the pond.

I am Sorry, Sorry and again sorry.

I was the lion roaring at the caged men.

Drunk promises he mended to break.

He feigned to be nature’s best mate.

Penalized and pardoned this race called beings.

Wine or men, drink or drunk; untaught doyens.

Maimed and healed in the wait.

Poignant multiples of millennium age.

Wins and routs of the race.

I was and am Sorry, Sorry and again sorry.

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