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Follow these Adorable Indie Dog Instagram Pages to Keep Yourself Away from Fluffs!

by Grishma Indap
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Instagram is a go-to place to distract yourself whether it be food, travel and memes. But, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: adorable dog feeds can brighten up our day in no time. These cute and fun accounts are managed by their hooman parents, who use social media to flaunt their adopted family members. From head tilt videos to dogs wearing human clothes to tongue out sleeping videos, along with witty captions just melts our heart. These feeds instantly bring a smile to our faces when we’re feeling anxious or commuting or just locked up at home. Studies show that watching animal videos is an instant stress buster, which indeed works for me.

Moreover, these feeds are not only limited to high-maintenance pets but just all cute furries. Speaking of high-maintenance pets, most of the human’s love for animals is dominated only by specific breeds. It’s not only about following a specific breed account but buying a breed dog that has a 99.9% chance of forced breeding and abandonment. Once, the mother can’t reproduce any more babies they are killed or abandoned. The portrayal of certain dog breeds by movies or commercials or celebrities has influenced a rise in their demand, which results in unnecessary suffering of poor furry mothers. If you’re an Indian and you believe in #MadeInIndia then why not adopt Indie animals? I know, specific breeds may be absolutely triggering to buy them, but our Indies are not less than any other breeds. I urge you to adopt furries instead of buying them. Trust me, you would never regret welcoming an Indie to your loving home!

Adopting a furry family member of any kind provides significant mental support to humans. The skill of being social and friendly only further makes these superstars, irresistible. A short walk, tiny kisses and hugs make one feel calmer and happy. But, since most of us don’t have pets like me, here’s a list of Indie dog Instagram accounts you need to follow right now.

Sir Zeus LightningIndie Dog Sir Zeus LightningMarvelIndie Dog MarvelPixieIndie Dog PixiePuchkooIndie Dog PuchkooIndieIndie Dog IndieCooper and SandyIndie Dog Cooper and SandyButter KhatriIndie Dog Butter KhatriLola KuttiIndie Dog Lola Kutti Coco RikameIndie Dog Coco RikameNilaIndie Dog NilaCocoIndie Dog CocoAngelIndie Dog AngelTheoIndie Dog TheoKaiserIndie Dog Kaiser MowgliIndie Dog Mowgli BellaIndie Dog BellaCheekuIndie Dog CheekuFrecklesIndie Dog FrecklesLeoIndie Dog LeoChittiIndie Dog ChittiGoldieIndie Dog GoldieBilkulIndie Dog BilkulDogstopIndie Dog DogstopIndie the rescued street dogIndie Dog Indie the rescued street dogBindiyaIndie Dog BindiyaPrincess ZoeyIndie Dog Princess ZoeyIndie and GSDIndie Dog - Indie and GSDChunkyIndie Dog ChunkyCookieIndie Dog CookieSherluWatsIndie Dog SherluWats

How adorable are they, right? We couldn’t decide on who to feature because all were super cute and why not give these cute furries a shout out?

Many of the hooman owners who handle their pet’s page are trying to turn their furry kids into virtual stars, by doing so they’re also trying to make other hooman aware of the importance of adopting an Indie. Even if these furries don’t have a million followers, their feeds will make up your mood. So, don’t waste another minute in following them.

If you know any more Indie dog Instagram accounts, let us know in the comments below.

#AdoptDontShop #SupportIndie #MadeInIndia

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