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Adding ‘’Author’’ before my name.

by Shweta Brijpuria
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Adding ‘’Author’’ before my name

The biggest challenge to become an author is the first step, which no one can take for you. It is a decision you must make on your own.

I knew I had the passion to write and I wanted to become an Author and in 2012, I finally took the first step by quitting my job. After all, if you want to become something you have to try.

People and Reactions

There were a few skeptics who thought taking a sabbatical from a promising career was crazy but thankful for my immediate family and close friends were extremely supportive.

Today, by God’s grace and well wishes of my dear ones I am able to manage both – a career as an author and a brand manager.

 The biggest challenge to Become an Author

My biggest challenge was convincing myself to take that first step, which transformed a brand manager and an introvert poet into an author capable of telling a captivating and dramatic tale. I learned that to succeed, you have to be positive and believe in yourself because aspirations are WHITE, deep within the heart, but the path is difficult and often very DARK.

The Book: Which was the most difficult to develop – plot or characters?

I had many ideas for my first storyline. Narrowing down to one plot was difficult. Once you are convinced of the plot, the characters fall in place.

The Title

Life is full of shade. Every person has aspirations. Aspirations are positive, constructive, and very WHITE. The path to achieving aspirations is often difficult, full of sacrifices, compromises, and very DARK. My book is a study of the shades of life and hence titled DARK WHITE.

The Cover

The cover is a black and white rendition of a pair of feet treading on a perilous path. This simple yet meaningful image was chosen to showcase the difficulties one faces to achieve their goals.

What will a reader experience when he buys this book?

The book is about facets, the different sides of people – Dark and White. It will open your eyes, change your perspective, and show you how even good friends change when chasing aspirations as the Dark has a lighter side while White has a dark side.

Advice to budding Authors

Believe in yourself.

Source – shorturl.at/byPY4

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