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A wagging tail !

by Anirudh Bhardwaj
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It was the summer of ’20 when her father got her a puppy.
Lenore hugged her hero as she couldn’t be more happy!

She named him Fluffy and played with him all day;
He was 3 months old, barely 24 Ounces did he weigh!

Golden Retriever, a breed so royal;
They are acknowledged for being ardent and loyal.

Fluffy was given prime care and was treated like a Gem;
For he was no less than a family member to them.

Lenore took him for a walk every day at five ;
To be conscientious, Fluffy had to Strive.

Playing and cuddling they both grew up so fast;
Fluffy is no more a puppy, he’s a dog at last.

But now it was time for Lenore to go to college;
To study further and lucre more Knowledge.

She knew she couldn’t relinquish Fluffy behind
But it had to be rendered, Lenore must bear that in mind.

She bundled her stuff while Fluffy sat aside gazing her.
Following no clue of the rift that is about to occur.

It wasn’t until Lenore sat in the car to leave.
Did Fluffy start to bark, and his eyes unveiled grieve.

The clock struck four; it has been hours since she left.
Our feeble Fluffy sat at the door without any deft!

The sun went down and the moon rose in the sky;
Fluffy still perching at the door without moving an eye.

Then suddenly he heard a voice calling him by his name;
It was none other than Lenore but she was in some mystical Frame!

She looked like her and even her voice matched ;
But fluffy couldn’t reach her as if she was latched.

Yet he was so agitated and jubilant to see Lenore;
He was wagging his tail and jumping on the floor;

But she started to go nebulous as if the night struck;
It was the I-pad running low on battery, grody luck.

Lenore’s mother waved goodbye to her daughter for the night;
As Fluffy mounted his vision at his favorite sight.

Fluffy slept peacefully every night after that;
As Lenore called him regularly to pet him and to chat.

It is amazing how technology serves as the greatest gift;
Changing people’s lives like a Paradigm Shift. 

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