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A Short Fiction Story

by Shweta Brijpuria
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Short Fiction Story

Niraj and Tulika were two friends who believed in friendship more than anything else. They remained friends even as life took them on two very different roads.

Tulika got married right after college while Niraj started a transport business without his father’s help in the hills where transport was a necessity not a luxury. Their lives were often busy, but they still kept in touch and supported each other.

4 years after college, Tulika’s life had become a struggle. She had problems conceiving and she became depressed as her family accused her of being infertile. She began undergoing medical treatment to fix the issue but soon realized there was no support from her husband or her family. So, she stopped treatment and got a divorce. Soon after, she got married again to a doctor she meet during her treatment and had a beautiful son. During these trying times – the family taunts and the small town gossip, Niraj stood by Tulika.

4 years after college, Niraj’s business was successful; he got married and had a beautiful baby girl. However, even as his business continued to grow and his personal life began falling apart. Girija, his wife wasn’t happy with how much time he was spending on developing his business and decided to return to her parent’s home and file for divorce. During this trying time, Tulika stood by Niraj.

Tulika looked after his daughter and even, looked for the right wife for him. The doctor, her husband suggested his sister. Unfortunately, on the day of marriage the bride ran away and Niraj was left in despair. Tulika was caught between the two men in her life – her best friend and her husband who had raised his sister. If life couldn’t get any worse, her husband got sick and passed away.

A Short Fiction Story

A Short Fiction Story

Tulika and Niraj were now both alone. They started working together and helped each other with their children. They lived lonely lives until their children made them realize that they were better together.

Moral of the story, if you find a person with whom you get along very well, be with them and be happy.

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