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A note on Right/True Love

by Anupam Naskar
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Hurt and pain in love, will always make you a better person, only if ‘True love’ is hidden behind the apparent hurt and pain. That is ‘The Natural Magic’. It will grow you, make you a better person, and it will improve your understanding of love and kindness, in a more general sense. If it is happening, then surely you are on the right track and you don’t have to worry about temporary phases of hurt and pain.
First of all, you need to achieve a level of happiness within you all by yourself, then you need to find someone who can improve the level of your happiness to a much, much greater level that you can’t achieve by yourself alone.
You can’t make everyone happy, always remember that. So, who is feeling what about you that is not in your control. Only care about them whom you consider very close to your heart.
You need to think about your happiness, and how to improve that happiness by including a few nice and kind-hearted people into your close circle apart from your parents and other close relatives. And amongst them, there will be someone who is ‘The Best One’.

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