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8 Yummilicious Homegrown Snack Brands You Should Definitely Add To Your Shopping List

by Grishma Indap
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Homegrown Snack Brands

Our way of snacking can easily turn into bingeing and hogging. Snacking is our ultimate partner for life. Stressed? Snacking. Party? Where are the snacks, bro? Guest at home? Cold-drinks ke sath snacks. But, these snacks get empty in no time because these packets are filled with 70% air and 30% chips, right?

But, I’ve got the best solution for you. If you’re contemplating turning your choices into local and healthy, you’re in the right place. Some homegrown brands offer healthy snacking treats that are filled with vitamins, nutrients, energy and only packets full of treats not bags of air. From chips to desserts to dips to yummy nuts, these homegrown brands have got it all. Plus, they get delivered right at your doorsteps. These homegrown brands consciously put efforts to make people contemplate their life into healthy living. Over the last few years, a bunch of Indian brands are changing the perspective towards local products by offering top-notch products with awesome packaging.

Have a look at these yummilicious homegrown snacks which you definitely add to your shopping list.

Go desi

homegrown snacks Brands - Go desi

Go desi is one of the best brands that will surely take you on a childhood memory ride. This authentic brand makes delicious snacks in small rural kitchens using all-natural products. They’ve been delivering Imli Pop Candies, Kacha Aam Pops, Jackfruit Bars, Banana Bites, Lemon Chaat and Chatpatta Amla.

I’ve tried mouth-watering Imli Pop candies. These Imli pops were an absolute win for me.

Explore: https://godesi.in/

Whistle Snacks

homegrown snacks Brands - Whistle Snacks

Whistle Snacks offer under 100 calorie snacks that are light, healthy and nutritious. They also have gluten and dairy-free options in snacks. Their offering includes a variety of Makhana (lotus seeds), Chana jor, Multi-grain puffs and Rajgira puffs. Whistle snacks have already travelled to overseas markets in no time.

I’ve tried cheesy jalapeno roasted makhana. The makhana were lip-smackingly good and perfect mid-day snacks.

Explore: https://whistlesnacks.com/

The Mumum Company

homegrown snacks Brands - The Mumum Company

Started by two mom entrepreneurs, The Mumum co. offers yummy, wholesome and healthy snacks for children. The snacks are packed with potassium, fibre, vitamin 100% natural ingredients that act as a superfood for kids. The Mumum company offers cereal bites, fruit mighty melting, and protein puffs with exciting packaging.

Explore: https://mumumco.com/


homegrown snacks Brands - Plattered

Plattered offers ready to eat mixes of gourmet desserts that can be served within 3 minutes, yes you heard it right. They deliver hassle-free goodness of brownies, cookies, mug cake and banana bread mixes using fresh ingredients, no preservatives, pure chocolate and premium cocoa that are incredibly tasty. They have vegan products, too!

Explore:  https://www.plattered.in/

Cook Kit

homegrown snacks Brands - Cook Kit

Trust me, Cook Kit is entering people’s hearts faster than other famous Italian restaurants. For an Italian food lover, who loves to experiment with their food, this is one you cannot miss! Instead of watching a thousand YouTube videos of how to make Italian cuisine or visiting expensive Italian restaurants, you have yourself DIY Italian meal kits that will save you a lot of time!

They offer a combo kit of Bruschetta ( Mushroom, Roasted Bell-Pepper) + Hand- Rolled Pasta (Ravioli Verdi, Beetroot Fettuccine) or Potato Gnocchi + Delicious cake.


homegrown snacks Brands - Beantree

Beantree snacks that are filled with nutrients will surely make you feel light and healthy. For all the health-conscious people out there, who crave for snacks that are easy on the heart and stomach, beantree is here for a rescue. From Dehydrated Fruits to Green Coffee Mixtures to Dried Berry mix to Seed Mixtures to Protein Fusion Jar, they have it all.

Explore: https://www.beantreefoods.com/


homegrown snacks Brands - Snackible

Snackible offers endless snacking options that include Jowar puffs, a variety of Whole Wheat Thins, Ragi Cookies, Peanuts, Energy Bars, Jamun Strips, Coconut Chips, the list goes on and on. They deliver the healthiest of snacks that are pocket-friendly, tasty,  perfect for every craving and won’t punish your waistlines.

Explore: https://www.snackible.com/

To Be Honest

homegrown snacks Brands - To Be Honest

To be honest offers a delicious range of 100% vegetable snacks like Sweet Potato, Crispy Beetroot, Spiced Okra, Herbed Taro, Crunchy Tomato, it’s a never-ending list. All products are vacuum-cooked, use natural colours, 50% oil-less and are full of nutrients. Also, they’re gluten-free! Their snacks are best for all time guilt-free indulgence.

Explore: https://www.tobehonest.in/

Don’t let these delicious and healthy goodness snacks wait on your cart!

Try these snacks and thank us later!

If you know any more homegrown snack brands and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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