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50 Inspirational women to follow on Instagram if you’re looking for fitness motivation!

by Grishma Indap
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Do you need the motivation to get out of your cozy bed and start working out? Or struggling to find the right kind of motivation? Since forever, it has been advised to keep our body active. Staying healthy and fit for the long run is very important. Fitness keeps you away from diseases. Working out is something that helps you to boost your mood, keeps you away from health issues, improves your physical and mental health and improves blood circulation. However, these days being healthy and maintaining the same has become one of the major tasks in everybody’s lives. Plus, there’s been increased popularity in the health and fitness industry.

Social media is the most loved medium to refer to and share personal experiences and stories about various aspects of fitness. India alone is getting new health and fitness goals which will eventually make the entire nation high on fitness. Every fitness influencer has a stronghold on their followers and when they share their fitness regime, workout sessions, daily routines and reviews of products, as they are making a huge impact among their followers.

Among all the fitness freaks, there are inspirational women fitness Instagrammers who are every bit deserving of your following. From Trainers to Pilates instructors to Yoga instructors to Crossfit trainers you’ll get inspired by all. Once you start following them, you’re covered with everything, from exercises to motivational quotes to workout outfits. All you need is motivation and such inspirational women to follow. Every woman listed is a role model for everyone, who is doing their best for giving health, nutrition, flexibility, training, or bodybuilding guidance to their followers.

It’s high time our society needs to give up on their stereotypical judgement on women can’t lift weights or do heavy workouts like men. Nothing comes easy for these women but they have already set their standards to bring out their courage and inspire us.  Every woman is equally capable of nailing the fitness goals. You’ll go crazy when you see their strengths which make the workouts look effortless, which after all only possible because of their years of training and patience.

Without further ado, we have listed down the list of women’s fitness freaks for your much-needed dose of inspiration to get started.

1. Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar - Female fitness influencers india

2. BanijBanij - Female fitness influencers india

3. Sucheta PalSucheta Pal - Female fitness influencers india

4. Urmi KothariUrmi Kothari

5. ShwetambariShwetambari

6. Radhika KarleRadhika Karle

7. Sapna VyasSapna Vyas

8. Ayesha BillimoriaAyesha Billimoria

9. Shweta KulkarniShweta Kulkarni

10. SheenaSheena

11. Protima TiwaryProtima Tiwary

12. Nidhi Mohan KamalNidhi Mohan Kamal

13. Navreet JosanNavreet Josan

14. Natasha NoelNatasha Noel

15. Anupriya KapurAnupriya Kapur

16. Aishwarya NigamAishwarya Nigam

17. Namrata PurohitNamrata Purohit

18. Namrata SudhindraNamrata Sudhindra

19. Sonali SwamiSonali Swami

20. Sakshi GuptaSakshi Gupta

21. Panna SethPanna Seth

22. Shivangi BhatnagarShivangi Bhatnagar

23. Ankita SinghAnkita Singh

24. Deepika MehtaDeepika Mehta

25. Radhika BoseRadhika Bose

26. Sheetal KotkarSheetal Kotkar

27. Chandana BhowmickChandana Bhowmick

28. Yasmin KarachiwalaYasmin Karachiwala

29. Apoorva JayarajanApoorva Jayarajan

30. Mandira BediMandira Bedi

31. Jia SinghJia Singh

32. Padmavati IyengarPadmavati Iyengar

33. Shwetha Rathore

Shwetha Rathore

34. Sharmila NicolletSharmila Nicollet

35. Harj HadaniHarj Hadani

36. Zareen SiddiqueZareen Siddique

37. Swati Sanyal GuhaSwati Sanyal Guha

38. Lara SalujaLara Saluja

39. Ishwari Patil

Ishwari Patil

40. Divya KumarDivya Kumar

41. KhushiKhushi

42. Dolly SinghDolly Singh

43. Chandni WaderaChandni Wadera

44. Manisha KharbandaManisha Kharbanda

45. Suvi ChoudharySuvi Choudhary

46. Sunaina RekhiSunaina Rekhi

47. Bella FalconiBella Falconi

48. Isha DevIsha Dev49. Darshita GalaDarshita Gala

50. Dharaa JadavDharaa Jadav

 Follow these Instagrammers, we promise you they’ll make you want to work out right now and thank us later!

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