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15 Disturbing things you will find on Dark Web

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15 Disturbing things you will find on Dark Web

We usually use 10% of the whole Worl Wide Web, the rest of the part is contributed between Deep and Dark web. If you’re willing to enter the Dark Web, you’re just one click away from something creepy or absolutely terrifying. We are warning you right now there’s something even scarier and disturbing in the other world of Dark Web. This is the reason why you must avoid to visit Dark Web at any cost. Dark Web is the space for grim legends.

Here are 16 disturbing things you will find on Dark web and we’re not sure how many things in the list is real but it doesn’t make it any less creepy.

1. Illicit Drugs: This is quite surprising that many people use Dark Web to buy any possible drugs or fake pharmaceuticals. The deliveries come by normal post and you can also give good ratings and reviews. Things on Dark Web are bought by cryptocurrency.

2. Weapon trade: You can buy or sell guns, explosives or even uranium on certain Dark Web markets. Should you attempt to get into the trade of such weapons, Big No! Why? Because you will possibly find yourself in the trouble with the law since many sellers on the web are undercover agents of FBI or DEA. In fact, you shouldn’t be involved in any type of trade on the Dark Web.

3. Human Products: If you love animals and are against animal cruelty, you always get furious if someone is wearing animal made products, like animal skin leather jackets or belts. Well, this is quite disturbing that you can find human products made from human skin and flesh like human belts, jackets, or even shoes.

4. Animal Abuse: We usually watch animal abuse videos either on Whatsapp forwards or social media pages which remain in our minds forever. Thankfully, we can ban the pages and ask someone not to share such videos, right? But, on Dark Web, some websites are specifically for animal abuse videos and crazy people go on the web to find such videos.

5. Hitman for Hire: I don’t know, how much is this real? You could actually hire someone to kill at a great price. You literally get to see advertisements on Dark Web to hire a hitman like how we get popups for jobs opening.

6. Human Organs: You can get human body parts on black, which is completely illegal and part of human trafficking that does exist on a large scale. Body parts are frozen and presented as if they are on a sale.

7. Pedophilia Websites: You can see toddlers’ pictures and prices below their pictures like how we see products on e-commerce websites. People bid for competitive prices to get the kid for child pornography.

8. Cannibal Cafe: This website is for people wanting to eat someone or looking eaten by someone or love watching human parts getting cooked. There’s also a forum for the same purpose, where people discuss among themselves what they like to see, or how to they want a human being to get slaughtered.

9. Red Rooms Live Streaming:  It is basically human torture live streaming video. In the live stream, people share their gruesome violent desires and the person who’s doing the torture asks people the options like what weapon he should use to torture or kill the person in the video. How on earth people can enjoy watching such torture videos?

10. Lab Experiments: There are experimental lab videos where various types of experiments like tolerance, starvation, transfusion, or shock therapy are done on humans or animals. Then, the failed experiment bodies are disposed of in the dumpster like how it’s done in the meat shops.

11. Human Auction: It’s a backdoor sale of living human being that happens on auction websites. Viewers bid on the auctioned human being. From common people like us to journalists to models to anyone can be kept for auctions. This might make you wonder that many people gone missing can be found here.

12. Forums: You’ll find forums where terrorists or any other criminals are having an open conversation. Even some crazy daily visitors discuss their gruesome fetishes with each other. You can also find websites where men share their ex pictures for hefty sum alongside with addresses or phone numbers of the women.

13. Last Words Audio: You can find audio of the last words of dying people. From pilot to criminals, there are actual recordings of a person’s last words said.

14. Psychologically Disturbing Games: The graphics of the game are seemingly pointless. The soundtrack is quite disturbing like a sinister or scary scream which crawls under your skin,

15. Mystery Box: Dark Web mystery box is quite trending on Youtube videos. It is a long-standing parcel that looks like any other parcel which you buy from Dark Web. It’s like a surprise box, which contains harmless products like clothes or toys with terrifying objects like knives full of blood, blades, or hair.

You could also buy fake documents or fake followers or hackers, but it’s not at all safe. We are fully aware that you never want to enter the market for anything unsavory or illegal until you’re tempted to know for yourself. There’s no way to turn back if you’re a victim of scam or malware attack or you could also get involved in law enforcement.

Dark Web is the playground for hedonism, sinister, and depravity acts which are scary and very disturbing for our sane minds. Some of the Dark Web sites may even have their own vetting process where they make new visitors perform the potential immortal acts to make them prove that they’re worthy to visit here.

We definitely don’t recommend to visit the Dark Web even out of curiosity. Instead, this article will save you to not go into this terrifying world Because once you enter this world there’s no turning back!

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