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14 things to do when you’re super bored and stuck at home!

by Grishma Indap
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We’re aware of how everyone is bored to death. How we all are so done with binge-watching and the idea of sitting on a bed looking at memes is too much to handle. Don’t worry, we’re gonna help to change your boring routine into creative ones and promise to keep you occupied. 

Here are the plenty of small things you can start to pass your time-  (P.s:- It’s totally alright if you don’t want to start right away!)

  • Declutter everything and get rid of expired products: The first thing you can do is organize your wardrobe and makeup. Throw away your expired makeup products, wash your brushes, and clean your curlers. The next thing you can do is organize your desktop and mobile, update new wallpaper, free up storage, unsubscribe unwanted emails, or make a new playlist. 
  • Start colouring: Desperate to give those shelves colourful makeovers? Wanna start painting? Or sketch? These things might sound childish, but you can find these activities very relaxing, especially if you put on some nice music while you do it. 
  • If you have an instrument, play it: If you have any instrument at home, then play it and have a little concert with your family or pets. 
  • Complete a book in 15 days: Pick up a good book and start reading it. Give yourself the challenge of completing one book in 15 days. If you can’t buy a new one, re-read something that you haven’t read in a while or order a book online. 
  • Start journaling: I know, this may seem boring but we’ll always recommend it. You can write or doodle about your thoughts, feelings, or what’s going on inside your head. 
  • Overhaul your clothes: Need to fix the zip of your jeans? Or been waiting to sew up the hole in your favourite dress? Pick up a needle and thread, and start stitching. You just need concentration to bring a new life to your clothes.
  • Look through family photo albums: Take a time to look through some old family photos, it can be a really nice nostalgic experience to have.
  • Meditate: Download meditation apps like, cure.app, calm or headspace to meditate. They have a bunch of different types of meditation and lengths, according to whatever you want to do. 
  • Learn a language: Remember all those times you wanted to learn a local language and Spanish or French. If you’ve time, there are tons of Youtube videos and online tutorials to learn new languages. 
  •  Start writing a blog:  Get your creative juices flowing and start writing something you love to talk about. Because you can never go wrong with writing. 
  •  Bake something: There are thousands of recipes on Youtube to bake something you crave for, like Brownies or Cupcakes. So, bring out a Masterchef within you. 
  • Start home workouts: You can start working out at home because it can be very beneficial to your mind and body. There are tons of live workout sessions and workout videos on Youtube, to begin with. 
  • Learn something new in Technology: In this digital age, the ability to code, create websites, or create a portfolio online can offer you amazing benefits to your career. 
  •  Pamper yourself: Make a face pack, apply on your face, play some nice music and relax for 20 min. You can also learn new hairstyles at home, so you can flaunt your new hairstyle while going out with your friends or at work.   

Stop finding time to work on smaller things and learn to make the most of your free time!

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