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12 Indian Skincare Brands You Need To Know About

by Grishma Indap
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When it comes to stocking up on skincare products in our beauty shelves, we often get our hands on foreign brands like Korean skincare to French brands because it’s loved by many beauty communities. There’s no doubt that every country has its beauty brands that are unique in their own way. But there are so many Indian skincare brands that come with traditional blends of Ayurvedic or Natural Ingredients that’s been passed down for generations that are enough to get your attention away from foreign brands. Also, Indian skin doesn’t always respond to Western skincare, right?

The majority of Indians need a good skincare regimen that is natural and unprocessed with harmful chemicals because we are not living right. We indulge in unhealthy habits, pollution, food is tainted and lack of exercise.

Indian skincare products are usually made of organic ingredients like turmeric, coconut oil, rose water, aloe vera, clay, and many more natural ingredients that have their pure quality deeply rooted since Ancient Ayurveda. It always harnesses us with trusted unprocessed products, topped with amazing colourful packaging to bring out the best when it comes to skin.

Even Indian brands deserve love and support from their people, right?

You might have probably heard of this brand or must be already using it.

Here are some Indian Skincare products that are worth adding to your shopping carts.

1. Khadi Natural

Made In India Skincare Brand Khadi Natural

Khadi Natural founded in 1963, offers 100% paraben-free handmade herbal skincare products that are pocket-friendly. They believe in the wellness of the skin through the purest of pure Ingredients. From herbal body lotions to facial scrubs to essential oils – all products are curated according to the Indian skin needs. They also offer luxury spa kits for gifting options at an affordable price.

2. Kama Ayurveda

Made In India Skincare Brand Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda offers 100% natural products that have built a loyal customer base across the beauty industry. Kama Ayurveda is well known for its ancient science of healing. They put their products in very clean yet classy packaging making everyone believe its simplicity and effectiveness. You can explore their wide range of ayurvedic treatments from hair to toe.

3. Biotique

Made In India Skincare Brand Biotique

Biotique harnesses the goodness of eco-friendly products. They offer the blend of Ayurvedic and 21st-century biotechnology that never compromises on the quality and always gives you a beautiful experience, plus their products smell divine. From skin care to hair to makeup range they have it all at an affordable price.

4. Forest Essentials

Made In India Skincare Brand Forest Essentials

One of the most popular Indian Ayurvedic brands in the market that are hailing from our homeland matching other foreign beauty brand standards. Forest Essentials focuses on creating luxurious Ayurveda experience with the combination of customized skin consultation for every skin type. The brand is authentic, luxury and pure in its approach. Forest essentials store visits and packaging are as beautiful as their products.

5. Mama earth

Made In India Skincare Brand Mama earth

Mama earth delivers a wide range of vegan products for adults to babies. They offer to make your skin feel good and look better, this explains the brand’s loyal fan base by celebrities and influencers as well. You can feel the products working even as you apply. Mama earth believes in giving 0% harm to nature.

6. Dr. Sheth’s

Made In India Skincare Brand Dr. Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth’s founded by Rekha Sheth, a cosmetic dermatologist of India, is the country’s foremost dermatologist-owned brand. The products are the perfect blend of three generations of medical research and natural ingredients. Their products are specifically designed to tackle every skin problem which works like absolute magic on your skin.

7. Pure Earth

Made In India Skincare Brand Pure Earth

Pure Earth is one of the most luxurious beauty brands in the beauty industry. The founder Kavita Khosa gave her 20 years of experience practicing Ayurveda to offer us the set of face to body care exquisite products made from the purest ingredients from the Himalayas with simple yet classy black packaging. Once you apply the product you will surely love to drown your skin in.

8. Pahadi Local

Made In India Skincare Brand Pahadi Local

Pahadi local offers unisex skincare products made from natural and purest ingredients from lower Himalayas that are effective for any skin type and are very therapeutic. No wonder why people in the north have such flawless skin. The brand works with self-help women groups and promotes afforestation.

9. Neemli Naturals

Made In India Skincare Brand Neemli Naturals

Neemli Naturals from Mumbai is famous for its vegan and 100% natural products. They have an amazing range of face serums, creams and scrubs that are perfectly suitable for every skin routine. They believe in clean beauty and prefer eco-friendly plant-based preservatives. Even if they were founded in 2015  they already have a huge fanbase raving about them.

10. Juicy Chemistry

Made In India Skincare Brand Juicy Chemistry

Coimbatore based brand, Juicy Chemistry is famous for simplified and organic skincare products. Their products are so efficient, light and wholesome that they can fulfil every skin needs. From face washes to scrubs to makeup cleansers to lip balms, they give you the pure experience with your skincare routine. The products are handcrafted in nice packages to ensure the maximum package life.

11. Enn’s Closet

Made In India Skincare Brand Enn’s Closet

Enn’s Closet is well known for its products that are almost good to eat because they are organic and all-natural. They put fresh and lush ingredients in their products, also some products have ghee in it. Face scrubs to lip scrubs to hair sprays the list goes on and on. Their packaging is very minimalistic and rich.

12. Ilana Organics

Made In India Skincare Brand Ilana Organics

Ilana Organics offers sophisticated medicinal skincare products that are 100% natural catering to all skincare needs. From face serums to masks to toners they have it all and the result is delivered in mere days. They also offer organically made cosmetics that are suitable for every skin type and believe in involving customers in every tiny detail of product development.

Other Indian Skincare Brands

There are more newer Indian skincare brands that have entered the beauty market to establish a consumer base with well-known Indian skincare brands. Brands like Sova, Forever Earth, Organic Riot, Vaunt, Zahara, Daughter Earth, Kal hans, Conscious Chemist, Raw beauty, The Skin Pantry, and Just Herbs also offer Organic and Natural formula-based products that never compromise on any skin type and quality.

What is even better, if we support Indian brands that have stepped ahead to provide absolute natural skincare solutions that make us proud of being Made in India and has a huge potential to run all over the International beauty market.

If you know any more Indian skincare products and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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