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Why You Should Adopt furry buddies, Not Shop!

by Grishma Indap
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COVID – 19 lockdowns have given us some extra time at home. Thus, this is inspiring people to finally get a dog or cat for which they waited for so long due to their busy work life. We all know pets make amazing buddies. They offer us comfort during loneliness and stress. They also improve our emotional and physical well-being.

While searching for an animal companion, many people step into a pet store where they likely see a lot of puppies and kittens. They are so cute and the way they look at you curiously, makes you want them more. These whole buckets of cuteness are more than enough to get anyone to buy and get them home.

Over the years, I have seen numerous posts on my social media feed of people purchasing specific breeds like Beagle or Huskies or Persian cats from breeders rather than adopting animals. People who are looking for specific breeds go to the breeders. I’m sure these munchkins are going to loving homes.  But when it comes to the background of these animals, as to what exactly happens, so that they can be made available to us at a high price.


Animal breeding mills are the most terrifying places and need to be declared as an illegal business. Puppies and kittens from such breeders are sold in pet stores, so the money also goes into the pockets of breeders. Knowing all that I know about the animal breeding industry, it is a very disturbing and heartbreaking life for these poor animals, Dogs and Cats are forced to breed which is naturally an animal abuse. They prioritize making a profit over poor animal lives.

The female dogs and cats are forced to conceive babies multiple times in a row and the mother isn’t even allowed to meet her kids. Animals are not at all kept in good conditions, They don’t even get veterinary care, most often the puppies and kittens are likely to develop health and behavioural issues or shorter life span or genetic disorders. For instance, if you argue that a specific breeder is involved in the healthy process of breeding animals, it is still their product and business for them. If a puppy or a kitten gets some health disorder the owner who bought them or a breeder abandons or dumps them.

When you buy a specific breed of dog and cat, you’re paying for them to be born. You’re indirectly telling a breeder to continue breeding more animals because of high demand and profit. If you really want to protect them, you can simply adopt homeless animals. Also, there are so many Indies that are abandoned, forgotten and living on streets. Who said our native Indie breeds aren’t gorgeous? They are adaptive, smart, not prone to major health issues, independent and love every human to the moon and back. So, you can adopt indies instead of other foreign breeds, after all, they are our native breed. Even they would love to live in loving homes rather than to live on the streets.

Here’s why Adoption is way better than shopping for specific breeds!

  1. You’re Saving Lives: All the animals in a shelter or on the street need a second chance. Shelters can make their life comfortable but getting to live in loving homes is heaven for them. Animals available for adoption are mostly unwanted and helpless which are always waiting for loving humans. You can adopt an adult animal at least for their remaining years because often they are trained and less-mischief,
  2. You’re Saving Money: Adoption saves you a lot of money. The dogs and cats are already spayed, neutered and all vaccinations to dates are done. They are healthy when they are put up for adoption. You just need to pay some adoption fees which are nothing compared to buying animals from breeders.
  3. Indirectly you’re Decreasing the Demand for Breeders: Animals at pet stores more likely come from breeders, it’s a factory-like environment. Where pets are kept in horrible condition. These animals usually go through multiple health and mental problems. Breeders make a lot of profit by making these poor animals suffer for their lives. So, the more you adopt or approach people to adopt, the lower the demand for animal breeders will be.
  4. You Encourage People to Adopt: Some buy specific-breed animals to show off on social media or among friends or they shy away from adopting through rescue centers or shelters. If you Adopt an animal and talk more about your positive experience with adopted furries, you inspire others to adopt instead of purchasing pets. 
  5. You get already Trained Pets: If you adopt from shelters and rescue centers, animals are trained by reputable trainers. It takes a few days for dogs and cats to show their true personality to surface. According to the personality of animals, shelter and rescue centers suggest adopters in which pooches would be the best fit for their family, including how a specific dog or cat behaves in front of other pets and children.

Many times, animals available for adoption, especially adult ones spend a lot of time at the shelter, they are trained and taught various tricks by officials over there. So, less effort for you!

  1. You’re Supporting a Community: When you adopt and tell people to adopt from shelters and rescue centers, you’re making more space available for other animals who are in need. With fewer animals in the shelter, you’re giving space to homeless animals, so indirectly you are doing your part to support such communities.
  2. You become a Kind Person: You’ve given forever home to a homeless animal. You show selfless love to your adopted pet and while you’re showering your love, you discover a lot about yourself as a human. You feel happier and less anxious, you’re always ready to help others in need. See, how one furry buddy can change you as a human being.
  3. You get Furever Buddy: Every day, when you wake up your furry buddy will try to make your day special, by loads of kisses and hugs. When you come back home from work or college, they will welcome you and your furry buddy will be the most excited person to see you. It’s an amazing feeling for both of you. By seeing their excitement you get a sense of joy for making this little one so happy. If you feel anxious or stressed, it immediately triggers them and the next thing they’ll do is come running at you and shower you with their love.

As humans, we always seek for love and companionship in our family and friends. What if, we give the same to all these homeless and abandoned animals. If you give them space in your hearts and homes by the happiness they deserve, you will always feel proud of saving lives. Always be the person of heart to choose an animal that needs a home rather than an animal that is needed for homes.

Adopt, don’t shop!


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