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Where they trust!

by Shweta Brijpuria
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Where they trust

Just imagine a world where you dedicate your time to work and you are respected for your efforts.

Don’t you think this is how it should be? Out of the 24 hours in a day, we spend 55% of our time either working or thinking of work. For most, work is not just a reason a place to earn; it is a place that adds meaning to our life. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys a good working environment. For many work has become a reason for stress.

Happy - Boss

Happy – Boss

Like a machine, we work; like a human being, we crib but as routine, we follow. We never try to find where the gap lies. The lackluster attitude means that the expectations and deliverables of both employees and management are never met. Issues that could be easily sorted are never resolved and everyone ends up dissatisfied. Instead employees despair that their companies will never value their internal human resources while the companies feel that the employees lack capability. This lack of trust is further weakened as employees and employers live in uncertainty – employees sure that they will be asked to leave while employers wait for trained employees to switch jobs.

Amongst this world of uncertainties there are many companies that live by to make not only customers happy but the employees happy. The unit does not expect anything more from you, just an honest amount of hours that you put in and employees do not expect anything more just a care when in a difficult situation. Any unit is a part of the society and apart from profit-making giving back to the society and contributors is an important factor, a fact which is often forgotten.

A few days ago, I read in a magazine about an owner of a multimillion company whose driver served him for 35 years passed away. On hearing this news, the owner flew back from his meeting to drive the driver’s coffin to the funeral, saying that he served me all his life and now it was my turn to drive him to his last journey. It was nothing but humanity. The person was with him for 35 years because he was treated as a human. He trusted him. I was touched by this story.

I began looking and reading about other similar instances. There were many. Humanity thrives despite the disparity of wealth and status. There are still companies that give loans to employees trusting that they will be loyal to them. There are still employees give their life for the company thinking that they would be taken care of. When I read of such instances I remember my father, who has always treated his employees like family.

I still remember when I was a child that every Diwali night we would first have pooja, eat sweets and burn crackers with his workers before returning home to have our home pooja. When a worker came home to visit, they were always treated like an honored guest. We would make sure to serve them a hot meal before they could leave.

Today his line of business has changed but the trust has not. His attitude towards his workers has bound them to him, which is why so many years later the same employees still work for him. Trust is like a seed that grows into a green leafy tree with strong stem and roots. Nurture it by treating work as work and employees as humans.

Wouldn’t such an environment be heavenly?

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