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Welcome Each Day as a Special Gift

by Premie Nair
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Yesterday was truly a beautiful day. There was nothing very different about my day. I went through it just as I had been doing for the last few weeks yet, ending the day feeling that it was such an amazing day. It was not so much due to what happened to me but rather what was happening around me. Perhaps yesterday I paid more attention to my surroundings that I noticed just what an extraordinary day it was from the crack of dawn to the time the day ended.

Most days, I would leave home while it’s still dark. I needed to get the kids to school on time and then drive an hour plus to reach my office. I have started to enjoy the long drive to work and did not see it as a pain anymore. Lately, instead of just keeping my eyes on the road ahead of me, I started to look around as I tackled that long stretch of road. I paid less attention to the road signs or watching my google map for directions as I was more familiar with the roads by the day. Instead, I paid attention to things around me. There are so many people who use the same route as me, but I bet they did not see what I am learning to see each day.

The beauty of life is around us. The breath-taking colours, the richness that surrounds us and the depth of details in every moment that we experience. Each day is a special gift, delivered to our doorstep. The moment we are awake, this gift is already there waiting for us to unwrap it. You see, we never realize what is given to us until it is taken away. There are so many things in life that we take for granted. The moment we are awake, there is clean air to breathe, water to use, food to eat and above all when you step outside, there is a beautiful scene waiting to greet you.

Each day, the view is different. I have not seen 2 days that looked the exact same to me. The sky would be bluer, or the sunset would be more dramatic, each day as picturesque as it gets. For me, the best part of the day is at sunrise and sunset. I always wake up early to watch the sunrise and make sure I leave the office just in time to catch the setting skylight. There are many instances where some sight catches my breath and I wished I could pull out my camera and capture that moment, but I would be driving, making it impossible to do so. I would just let the moment pass me by, taking a breath and smiling.

I am truly blessed. That much I know. As I am becoming more aware of life and learning to appreciate each day as it comes, I cannot say the same for others. Many people are still self-absorbed and the moment they are awake, they are living only in their own world. Totally oblivious of anything around them, perhaps angry and upset with the way things are going, blaming others, expecting so much from people around them and always feeling disappointed. How can you even notice what is around you when so much of your time, energy and focus is spent fighting all the negatives in your world.

Through the years, I have learnt to focus less on people and to focus more on myself. Spending less time thinking about others and spending more time to reflect on my own life, appreciating what the Universe brings to me each day. We don’t always need a fancy holiday to a destination far off, we don’t need to hike high up into the mountains to be near to nature, we don’t need to wait for that long weekend away from everything to be able to notice how awesome the sunny afternoon sky looks or how the morning mist makes the mountain tops so mysterious and romantic. Just step outside and admire the picture that awaits you. Be as a curious child waiting to see what’s behind the drawn curtain, always excited and anticipating surprises.

Today, we woke up, got ourselves ready and stepped out to face one more day. We are free to move about; our legs are strong to carry us through the day and we have our health and youth to accompany us for the day. Don’t be in a rush to get to where you need to be. Enjoy the different things you get to do today, acknowledge the many familiar faces and strangers that you will encounter, learn the lessons that you will learn on this day and above all, embrace the beauty of life as you live it through your eyes.

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